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Client crush on battle loading

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Hi, randomly (cca. after 3-5 games in a row) my client crushes when it goes in a new battle. After new start of client most of mods are not working, no xvm, no hit log,  often icons on enemy players panel  are mirrored. Does anyone has the same?

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In your logs you have some errors from PMOD and notifications from "Povolit speciální doplňky statistik (beta)". It does not have to mean that they are bugged, but it's worth to try. Start without YK beta, then without PMOD. PMOD has a lot of sub mods so it might be harder there.

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Game crashes for me doesn't have to be during a battle, can be in garage aswell. Started to get really bad after installing XVM, worked fine before, had some disconnects but not nearly as much as after installing XVM. With XVM it's every battle, because chat disappears so I have to relog every game. Can you see if there is something wrong with it?


PS. Love your modpack, keep up the good work


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