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Detection markers still bugged

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Hey just wanted to let you know that the detection markers (red crab) are still quite buggy.

Mod randomly shows the radar detection symbol even if there is no radar or hydro around and my ship is absolutely undetected. Really annoying if that happens while parking in a smoke screen. Cause of failse red radar detection icon popping up i left several smokes just to reallize that no one radared or saw me. Radar symbol sometimes stays visible for several minutes while undetected. If regularly spotted by an enemy ship, the radar symbols keeps beeing displayed in additon to the normal red deteced by ship symbol.

Please fix this issue - its really hard to deal with this mod in the current state, thx.


PS: only tried the detection mod with the red crab - do not know if the other detection mods (different skins) are affected, too.


Edit: just read the topic below about blueman detection markers being bugged.

This might be the exact same issue that happens to the red crab one if RPF located...definitely remove the radar/hydro warning if its just located by RPF. In the past this mod did not respond to RPF located - it just showed the regular "located" warning but not the detected by hydro/radar warning.

To clarify: RPF located does not mean that your ship is visible, it just tells you that you are closest ship to a DD running RPF captain perk while still being undeteced. So no drama at all, just a hint that a DD might be somewhere in that area but still far enough to keep your ship undetected.

Radar/Hydro warning in return means that your ship is actually detected and visible for the enemy fleet - this is a big difference as you will want to run for cover to avoid incoming fire.

--> this issue really needs to be addressed as it kind of messes up the entire RPF vs. radar thing, thx


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Topic about blueman detection markers
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