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I can\t play Leviathan because game freezes. After last Aslain modpack, game crashes constantly.

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I don't have not enough details about the problem.  Like it's crashing when?


I don't recommend to install all that mods that were chosen in Texture & models at once:


            Milkyman skins

            Enhanced camo by pold77
            Wargaming.net League Skins


but who knows, it's a wild guess .... I cannot reproduce this problem.


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I saw big error spam in your python.log but it's hard to tell why, played few battles with the very same mods like you without errors in python. It might be however dependant how did you setup all that mods and what tanks you play or what tanks you encounter in battles etc.

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I installed latest modpack without   Enhanced camo by pold77    and            Wargaming.net League Skins.  Played 19 matches and no problems whatsoever.


I believe the culprit was the wargaming skins, because they are new and I never had any issues in the past, until now.


Thank you for your wild guess, Aslain. Thank you for taking your time to help me out. Best wishes from me and keep up the good work :P

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That Wargaming.net League Skins was causing a lot of crashing problems in the past, I stopped to use them in the modpack for quite few months, now they've returned and maybe problems returned as well I see. However you're the only one reporting this so far, will see :)


You're welcome :)

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