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  1. Game Result

    please include your logs and maybe someone can assist you. Also make sure you have the latest modpack version installed first.
  2. Game Result

    Confirmed. I removed Battle Results Window by Ragnarocek and the problem is now solved. So, if you have a Battle Results Windows selected, try reinstalling the modpack without it selected and hopefully your problem will be solved.
  3. new crosshair for the 9.20 wot

    this does look like an interesting sight.
  4. installer closes after 10 sec

    The modpack works perfectly for the vast majority, so it is a local issue on your pc. It could be many things. First thing is that it could be your anti-virus blocking it due to a false positive. Disable your AV. There is absolutely nothing bad in the modpack. Aslain very very carefully checks everything he includes in the modpack. I personally have never gotten any type or warning etc from either Kaspersky or Avira anti virus. But many that use various free ones such as Windows Defender have had problems. Secondly, it could be Windows User Account Control. Right click on the modpack exe and choose to run as Administrator. Even if you are logged in as admin you should still do this. Otherwise, UAC is your boss. If these two things don't solve your problem, let us know. Maybe the super nerds that hide in the forum will come out and help... Good luck
  5. Show symbol for friends in player panels

    The voices in my head say that they are my friends.
  6. Show symbol for friends in player panels

    I agree, this would be a nice edition to have configured.
  7. Aslain's Installer Request/Idea

    Since I make some configuration changes to mods or xvm installed with the installer, I use and really like the ability to use the Aslains Custom Mods folder to automatically make these changes for me each time I install the modpack. But all of the changes I make are no longer confined to the "World_of_Tanks>res_mods" folder. Some mods are installed to the "World_of_Tanks>mods" folder which is outside the "World_of_Tanks>mods"res_mods" folder and changes can't be installed automatically with each install but must be either reconfigured manually each time, or a saved file with changes can be copied from another folder and pasted manually. Is it possible to include "World_of_Tanks>mods" folder in "Aslains_Custom_Mods"?
  8. Aslain to Hospital

    Aslain had a major update to his body's ModPack....
  9. Game freezes randomly 9.20.0_09a

    I have had the same issue here on the EU servers and I don't think it is a mod causing it. I had the problem very soon after WG released 9.20 and before version 09 of the modpack. But, I haven't had the problem regularly but very sporadically. Maybe once every 50-75 battles or so. There are some reports of this on the EU forums, so it may be a bug in the game client.
  10. Unable to buy gold/premium ammo.

    Make sure that you have the gold lock "unlocked". See below:
  11. try removing your Battle Results Window v3 by Frost. added 2 minutes later yep....Ragnoracek's also causes the same problem
  12. Patch.exe Failure

    Even though you are the admin, Windows UAC (User Account Control) has some control over what it allows the admin account to install. You can right click on the file you wish to install and choose "run as admin" to bypass UAC. Often, problems such as yours are solved by doing this. Hope it helps you.
  13. When you select a "Selected Tank Highlighter" in the "Multi Tank Carousel by XVM" the client gets stuck at Updating Vehicle. I have included my logs in case there is a conflict with something else in my configuration. Everything works perfectly without Tank Highligher selected. Blue was the only color tested. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  14. Patch.exe Failure

    Good info there 98White. Thanks for sharing as this will probably help someone in the future.
  15. Your logs are probably going to be needed to figure out a problem for your solution. For information on the logs etc, click the link in my signature below. There are a few possible explanations/solutions and the logs very well might provide the solution quickly.