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    Aslain.com is powered by ...support us today and get a professional Quality game server from BlackBoxServers.net Download for World of Tanks Aslain's WoT ModPack v1.5.1.1 #10 (~148 MB) download link #1 [direct] download link #2 [direct] download link #3 [direct] download link #4 [direct] (link #4 is without adult mods) download link #5 [direct] download link #6 [direct] how to download with adfly SHA-256 (link #1-3): 36ea297634ad2705f4ffd1c6fe1a41e1a94184bc09aafcde209461498b96ab75 SHA-256 (link #4): 5cc3a0f8a444abcab8647afe0f8cac53937ee188da458cc6b01548182b9ef768 XVM with my config only download link [direct] You may use following tools to support modpack developement and efforts, posted them as requested by users: or donate: Changelog
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    v1.5.1.1 #00 (15-06-2019): - initial compatibility with WoT - added contour icons: Pogs (2 variants) - updated few skins from Avalon - updated sights script - updated all mods by spoter - updated Awfultanker Session Stats - workaround fix for XVM
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    Yup, nothing I can do. I reported it on xvm devs forums, I hope they will do something about it.
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    v1.5.0.4 #07 (30-05-2019): - updated XVM 7.9.4 [9116] - updated crosshair: Strike, Deegie, Damocles - updated contour icons: Mirukii - updated Battle Hits Viewer [critical] - updated Final Shot [critical] - updated the anti-mirror mod for non-xvm contour icons - updated Change client language - updated session stats YasenKrasen (text files) - added crosshair: Melty v2 (Darkangel27)
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    ----------------------[ XVM Minimap ]----------------------------------------------- Minimap zoom Position Centered Hotkey L.CTRL Your selection makes it centered on Left Control. :) And the size in right corner can be changed with +/- keys.
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    v1.5.1.1 #05 (20-06-2019): - this is critical update for today's micropatch - removed incompatible with today's micropatch: gun sounds Zorgane/Shimada_sama - updated the anti-mirror mod for non-xvm contour icons - updated Change client language - updated session stats YasenKrasen (text files) - updated Skins on destroyed vehicles - updated More visible minimap coordinates - updated contour icons: Aslain, Wizard, Witblitz, Qualan, J1mbo, Kryspin_CZ, Grandorf, XSerzHX, corehorn, Contrabass, Darker, Ashbane, Webium, Hawg - updated Premium tanks colored by gold with HDR (by Aslain) - updated HDR icons on Tech-Tree (by Aslain) - updated HDR icons on tank carousel (by Aslain) - updated Battle Observer [possible fix to XVM compatibility] - added Hangar Calculator by AntonVK (beta version) - added the turret with Spaced Armor addon for Centurion Action X "Dreadnaught" skin - possible more updates come later today
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    I don't think that has been a think for a long time.. the thread I found with a WoT Tank Randomizer is from 2014.
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    And with Battle Hits viewer AND Hangman, I forgot to mention that
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    Aslain.com is powered by ...support us today and get a professional Quality game server from BlackBoxServers.net Downloads for World of Warships Aslain's WoWs ModPack v8.4.0 #06 (~115 MB) download link #1 [direct] download link #2 [direct] download link #3 [direct] download link #4 [direct] how to download with adfly SHA256: adb38f649eae6cd2efa0ac9bd8be33b4e583f26ac66de3d33204209a08488e90 Installation: - select folder where is your WoWS installed - pick your mods and options, click next to finish - when you want to select different mods, launch the installer again Uninstalling: - use uninstalling feature from windows system - if you still cannot start your game, perform this action http://tinyurl.com/z23lxng Modpack for World of Warships You may use following tools to support me, posted them as requested by users: or PayPal: Changelog:
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    Not really helping, but I understand. If for any reason you use mods, pls do... Aslain modpack is the best in the world. There are a lot modpacks out there but are they as updated as Aslain's one? Even Twitch users use Aslain modpack (Circonflexes! to name 1). But anyway.... You say your not using them because WG told you not, That's fine don't use them but don't tell anyone here at Aslain forum that the modpacks are bad! It is like I tell you in your home that it smells.... I could try that as well. Not sure if Hangman is the issue, if game would crash when returning to garage, then it could. And that's not the problem here only Grand Battle mode. I keep trying it without them (first 1 then the other ).
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    If WG didn't keep on changing things, then the mods wouldn't NEED to be updated. WG keep changing the goal posts often without saying what will be changed. When there is a game update, ALL mods stop working until you re-install them. ALL mods/modpacks work that way. It is because when the game is updated, all the mods have to be reinstalled into the new version folder.
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    Of course WG support will tell you to not use mods when you got problems, this is the first thing they will suggest. That way they don't have to lose time helping you, it's like a jackpot. The user is using mods, great, not out problem ;) Anyway it's hard to understand you, but I get it, you are lecturing me, well at least trying to. I will not discuss about it especialy when there are language issues. Going to bed now. Have fun.
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    Team HP Pool Battle Observer [read mod description!] Team HP bar style HP bar style: normal You need to NOT use Battle Observer, if you want the score counter to work properly.
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    What are you trying to say here? Also UAC can prevent the program from doing the stuff it needs to do. It is rare, but it happens.
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    kwasek przyłazisz tu z jakąś wielką pretensją i wielce oburzony i żądasz,nikt Ci nie każe tego używać,jeśli cos nie działa to Aslain o tym wie i na pewno stara się to naprawić,więc troszkę cierpliwości i będzie działało.Kiedyś po aktualizacji czekało się na modpacki prawie tydzień i nikt nie płakał ;)
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    i just updated and im not sure if its a change WG did or something but when i move my camera in game the otm are not static in place anymore and move around and make me feel sick. i have a clip of it and also my logs.Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip EDIT: removed video clip since its a game bug. no idea if i can delete my own topic or not so just editing it
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    Hello everyone! I've noticed a few things that many people often miss about Aslain's Mod Pack. In this Thread, I will discuss them in detail. I hope this is of some use! The topics that I will cover are: Basic Installation PSA Mixing Aslain's Mod Pack with other mod packs Files that Aslain's Mod Pack leaves behind in your Game Client. Partial Un-installation In-game Crashes and Freezes Other Information [basic Installation PSA] Whilst downloading Aslain's Mod Pack, there will not be a shortcut on the Desktop. If you are planning on using the same version of the installer in the future, go to your Downloads folder, and Create a Shortcut on your Desktop. This is also where you can access all versions of Aslain's Mod Pack that you have downloaded in the past. You may select the installer's language upon start-up. You may not change the language once you have gone past the Language pop-up. If you have selected the wrong language, turn off the installer, and turn it back on again. You will then be able to select the correct language. If Google Chrome says that Aslain's Mod Pack contains a virus, don't believe it! Google Chrome often sends off false alarms. Aslain's mod-pack is absolutely safe to use. If you cancel the installation of selected mods in the middle of the process, some traces of the modifications may remain. In order to remove these, simply go to your res_mods folder and delete them, or run a clean installation next time you download mods. [Mixing Aslain's Mod Pack with other mod packs] You can use multiple mod packs with your game client. In order to avoid conflicts, make sure that you're not installing the same mod twice, or installing an out-dated mod with a different mod pack. As long as you're installing different mods, and up-to-date mods, there should be no conflicts. You may notice that some other mod packs have similar lay-outs to Aslain's installer. Make sure that you read the buttons carefully. Some other mod pack authors use similar appearances, but may place certain buttons in different locations. Double check what you are pressing! This applies to Aslain's Mod Pack too! Other mod packs may or may not over-write mods that Aslain's Mod Pack has installed. Chances are, they will over-write and update your current mods. If this does not happen, un-install Aslain's Mod Pack, and remove any traces of it. [Files that Aslain's Mod Pack leaves behind in your Client] There are several different files that Aslain's Mod Pack will leave behind in your Client. The file names are: Aslains_Downloaded_FilesThis is where all of the archived Downloadable Content (DLC) files end up after you finish installing Aslain's Mod Pack. If you wish to remove Aslain's Mod Pack in the future, but keep one of these mods, simply drag the appropriate RAR file to your Desktop. _Aslains_InstallerThis is the text file that the Installer creates and leaves behind whilst installing your mods. This is essentially an event log of everything that the installer has done. _Aslains_Installer_CompListThis is a ReadMe file of all of the most recently installed mods and selected options. If for whatever reason Aslain's Mod Pack does not detect your most previously saved settings (usually due to a cache clearing), then this ReadMe file is where you can find exactly which mods and options you had selected. _Aslains_Installer_Options (Setup Information)This file also states which mods you had most recently installed. However, this is a file that Aslain's Mod Pack may read and use to pre-set these settings the next time you run a Custom Installation (if I am correct) _Aslains_Installer_Options (Text file)This is a Text File for Aslain's Installer. This file is not directly used by Aslain's Mod Pack, rather it's a remainder after an installation has been run. It's essentially a text file of the Setup information. unins001This is the un-installation wizard for Aslain's Mod Pack. Double click on it and follow the steps to remove Aslain's Mod Pack from your computer. You might also see a file called: IMPORTANT REGARDING THIS VERSIONThis file is left behind by GnomeFather's Historical Realism Gun Sounds Mod. Since GnomeFather's Mod is part of DLC, Aslain's Installer uses all of the files that GnomeFarther left behind in his mod, including the Read Me file. Deleting it will have absolutely no effect on your computer. [Partial Un-installation] If you want to un-install only some of the mods within Aslain's Mod Pack, you have two options. Manually look through your res_mods folder and remove the un-wanted modifications Run Aslain's Mod Pack again, except de-selcect all of the mods that you do not want. Make sure that your desired mods are still selected, and then run a Clean Installation. This will remove the un-wanted mods, and will re-install the mods that you want to keep. [in-Game Crashes and Freezes] If you are experience crashes and/or freezes in-game, there is most likely a conflict with some of the mods that you have installed. For example, if you install several different sound mods of the same type, an internal conflict error may occur and cause your game to crash. The sound mods are most likely responsible for any freezing that you will experience; especially GnomeFather's Sound Mod. Whilst known as a great mod, it is notorious for causing a screen-freeze for a few seconds whenever multiple tanks are spotted in the beginning of the battle. If your game begins crashing, this is either caused by a mod conflict (perhaps a sound mod conflict, or a conflict with other mods you had previously installed, or your computer may have ran out of memory. If you heavily mod your Game Client, and put a lot of stress on your processor, your game (whilst uncommon) may crash. Sound mods and lighting mods usually are the causes of these kinds of crashes. [Other Information] If you are experiencing a problem with Aslain's Mod Pack, you should first try a Clean installation, as well as clear your World of Tanks and Installer Cache files. If this does not work, upload your CompList and Installer Text File, and someone may be able to help resolve your issue. If you have pinned Aslain's European Forum Thread for download convenience, you should consider pinning Aslain.com instead, since Aslain has moved his download link here. If I made any errors or missed something, please let me know; and I will fix it immediately!
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    v1.5.1.0 #03 (12-06-2019): - updated Awfultanker Session Stats - updated session stats: TimeSpent - updated session stats YasenKrasen (+ added Text extension and Graphical Messages) - updated Class colored icons (by Ghostman101278) - updated Skins on destroyed vehicles - updated poliroid.modslistapi_1.2.2 - added polish language client files - added contour icons: Man1aq (wojtus11), corecroft27, Ghostman101278 - fixed gold premium icons - removed hitzone skins Aesthete [suspected for crashing], 3 variants of PoGs contour icons [until author fixes them] - known issues: team counter/score gets bugged when Battle Observer is installed
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    Jeśli tyle zrobiłeś i nadal coś takiego występuje to najpewniej coś u ciebie i to w systemie siedzi, pozostaje Tobie zrobić format i postawić system na nowo
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    ...all 4 crash sessions end around this point: /------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------\ INFO: [Scaleform] Change Owner on GUI Component: 'FlashGUIComponent' -> 'gui/flash/battle.swf' <-modified by xvm INFO: [gui.app_loader.loader] Space is changed: BattleLoadingSpace() -> BattleSpace() INFO: [Scaleform] Change Owner on GUI Component: 'FlashGUIComponent' -> 'gui/flash/battleCrosshairsApp.swf' <-modified by crosshair_Controls INFO: [Scaleform] Change Owner on GUI Component: 'FlashGUIComponent' -> 'gui/flash/battleCrosshairsApp.swf' <-modified by crosshair_Controls INFO: [Scaleform] Change Owner on GUI Component: 'FlashGUIComponent' -> 'gui/flash/battleVehicleMarkersApp.swf' <-modified by xvm /------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------\ Battle loads and crash?...empty log I doubt it's crosshair related (not many crosshair mods got updated, guess wg didn't change anything essential). Maybe try without crosshair mod or different one? just to be sure?
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    Yes, it's inside modpack.
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    I think I will wait till next mod update, I don't really want to start resetting all my OTM's etc again LOL, just got them the way I want them. I remember this happened several months back just cant remember what the solution was.
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    Ja powiem tylko tyle ze ja obalam Twoj mit ze zrobiles czysta istalacje Wot.... niestety tego nie zrobiles... nawet w 2 plikach nadal sa "polaczenia" z zabronionymi modami "ZJ" takze Aslain ma racje. W dalszym ciagu w appdata masz skrypty od m.in. zabronionych modow ZJ ktore niestety nie sa zawsze "czyste" od stron trzecich. przykro mi ale niestety tak sie dzieje jak sie instaluje zabronione mody w szczegolnosci z ze stron rosyjskich ps a jezeli uwazasz ze masz czysta ... naprawdę czysta instalacje WoT to nic innego jak skontaktuj sie z nimi (support) wysylajac tzw raport z problemu za pomaca ich programu... ale uwaga jak wykryja niedozwolone mody od razu dostaniesz ban na konto
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    found it i must of pasted a colour code under shadow after true, part all is working fine now thank god for that and thanks for your time and help on this
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    Updated Hungarian installer translationWoT_hu_translation_1.5.0.4_07.ini
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    General settings, right side, a bit down.
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    Updated German installer translation WoT_de_translation_1.5.0.4_07.ini.zip
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    Italian translation done. For your information in the english version i found a duplication: LINE 226 - en.TrapSense=detection icons: It's a trap LINE 238 - en.TrapSense=detection icons: It's a trap maybe is not a problem, but posting a worning makes no harm. Not being sure, just to stay on the safe side I have left the duplication in my italian translation, tell me if I have to remove one of the 2 lines. Max WoWs_it_translation_0.8.4.0_04.ini
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    stewie 05/17/2019 I am currently working on a completely new version of the Matchmaking Monitor. It will have an easier to understand UI and some new features. Due to current CW times and the time i spend on the rework i don't find the time to fix the current big issue in the current version with detecting the battle. However, i made a workaround version that just ignores all the checks. Basically you just find the folder where your replays are saved. E.g. C:\Games\Wows\replays, C:\Games\Wows\bin64\replays, C:\Games\steam\steamapps\21394762\bin\123124\replays And then select the folder where the replays folder is in. E.g. C:\Games\Wows, C:\Games\Wows\bin64, C:\Games\steam\steamapps\21394762\bin\123124 It's called 'ForSteam' but works just aswell for the non-steam client. Addition It doesn't work when your replays are versioned. If they are you have to disabled versioned replays. Either with the mod you're using for that or change ´<versioned>true</versioned>´ to false in the engine_config.xml If you have one in the res_mods folder then change it there. If not it's the one in the res folder. VersionForSteamNoChecks.zip
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    Please find attached file with cz translation. WoT_cz_translation_1.5.0.4_07.ini
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    Place this: pmod single json edit.zip Here: \World of Tanks\Aslain_Modpack\Custom_mods\ (where Custom_README.txt is) And when ever you run the modpack, that file gets extracted last, so your edits would be kept.
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    If you attach your modified _single.json, I can create the zip file for you, and you can see what it should be, for future reference too for other files.
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    v.8.4.0 #03 (01-06-2019): - updated contour icons: MajorRenegade, Panzerschiffer, Aslain - updated Kancolle UI by Garfield & Fs. - updated semi-transparent fading minimap by fugetsu - updated Hyperion skin - added flag mods by MajorRenegade - added Arpeggio of Blue Steel UI Inferface by Sea Group - added Alt Markers - removed contour icons DeceasedDaisy [outdated]
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    Lets see, in a nutshell, there are 2 sides default/vanilla game files (side A) and modifications/modified files (side B). Take item from side A (default game files), change it and put it on side B (modification files). DO NOT MODIFY INSIDE RES FOLDER, only take from it (as source). Quick example with paths, since it's first thing you should understand. vanilla file = Side A (res folder > example file path > res/gui/subfolder/example.png) (packages folder=res folder, you can see path when you open .pkg packages) modified file = Side B1 (res_mods folder > example path > res_mods/1.2.3/gui/subfolder/example.png) modified file = Side B2 (mods folder > example path > mods/1.2.3/NAME.wotmod > example path inside > res/gui/subfolder/example.png) I guess starting with .swf edits or simple png/dds replacements are good way to start and get familiar how things work. Even if you are not familiar with python of actionscript languages. tool you might need to start: notepad++ (for general text editing) 7zip/winrar (to extract res/packages) photoshop/gimp/paint.net (to edit png/dds images) JPEXS Flash Decompiler (to decompile/compile swf files) and you are good to start exploring/figuring out basics ohh and TankIconMaker is mostly used to create contour/carousel/techtree icons (png images) Don't know about any good up2date guides, but good read on koreanrandom modding section might help you understand things. Just enable page auto translate and read on Modmaking general discussion Textures and 3D models ActionScript & Python
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    Nothing special, me fooling around with Carousel Icons. Started as Black & White icons... ...but ended up like something else. Sharing TIM profile if anyone wanna mess around with icons (B&W part is still there) Carousel Icons v02.7z Save as icons to folder then put icons inside \res_mods\x.x.x.x\gui\maps\icons\vehicle or pack it inside .wotmod
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    Get it from the modpack
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    Tech tree icons..."Black & White" Same idea... ...same results. TIM profile attached. TechTree Icons v02.7z Save as icons to folder then put icons inside \res_mods\x.x.x.x\gui\maps\icons\vehicle\small or pack it inside .wotmod
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    I was getting version from game_info.xml before, but it stopped to work recently and I don't know why, so I switched to paths.xml from bin32 for now.
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    v.8.4.0 #02 (30-05-2019): - updated contour icons: Kancolle, Azur Lane - update Tech-Tree & Docs icons: Kancolle, Azur Lane - updated Quick access to signals - updated Improved Chat AutoSpy - updated Advanced HP bar indicator - updated Stopwatch - updated Arpeggio of Blue Steel UI Theme Pack - updated Pravda Team UI
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    wersja #1 (rozbudowany nagłówek + średnie cyfry) z możliwością przenoszenia myszką Tak jak pisalem, przeniosles hitloga za ekran. Aby zresetowac pozycje skasuj wszystkie pliki:
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    You're welcome, be careful if you try to get this mod from the other sources, people are unware of hidden ekspoint scripts in damagepanel.wotmod available out there. I personaly deleted them and repacked that .wotmods (in my modpack) but the price is lost reload counter and sometimes repair panel - yet you can use xvm plugins.
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    I cannot add the old way because it's based on ekspoint script now, and ekspoint will never be part of this modpack because of spreading malware in his mods.
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    v1.5.0.4 #04 (26-05-2019): - updated session stats YasenKrasen (+ added Text extension and Graphical Messages) - updated contour icons: PogS, corecroft27, Ghostman101278 - updated Tech-Tree Class colored icons (by Ghostman101278) - added Shimada_sama's gun sound - added crew exp in the XVM battle results window - removed More visible minimap coordinates [outdated]
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    We can only wait. Maybe one day the author will include it.
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    This is how german translator of XVM did it. You can change it yourself by editing c:\Games\World_of_Tanks_EU\res_mods\mods\shared_resources\xvm\l10n\de.xc line 67: "Damage (assisted / own)": "Schaden (ermöglicht / verursacht)",
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    v1.5.0.4 #03 (25-05-2019): - updated XVM 7.9.3-dev [9104] - updated contour icons: Panzerschiffer, DEbranded, Hawg - updated Equipment & skill icons by DEbranded - updated Camouflage colored icons (by DEbranded) - updated DEbranded's Crew Icons - updated crosshairs: Terminator, Predator - updated contour icons: Aslain, Wizard, Witblitz, Qualan, J1mbo, Kryspin_CZ, Grandorf, XSerzHX, corehorn, Contrabass, Darker, Ashbane, Webium [added missing Type59 Gold icon] - updated Premium tanks colored by gold with HDR (by Aslain) [added missing Type59 Gold icon] - updated HDR icons on Tech-Tree (by Aslain) [added missing Type59 Gold icon] - updated HDR icons on tank carousel (by Aslain) [added missing Type59 Gold icon]
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    It's XVM, should be fixed in next modpack update with new xvm build.
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    Thank you for your hard work.
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    Wrong topic for that. You can read up about it here: http://aslain.com/index.php?/topic/214-hitlog-inbattle-wn8-calculator/
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