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    Jeśli tak to może w ogóle niech nie robi nic! Niech wszystko zostawi samopas. Po co się chłopina ma męczyć? Po co tyle się udziela, po co tyle czasu spędza nad swoim tworem, jeśli poświęcałby czas na rodzinę/znajomych? Odpowiedź: Po to, aby miało to wszystko sens oraz aby inni, którzy z tego korzystają mieli satysfakcję. Aby stworzyć coś, z czego korzystam sam oraz udoskonalam to, co zrobiłem dzieląc się przy tym z innymi, słuchając głosów za i przeciw. Co dodać, co urozmaicić.
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    Aslainowi należy sie wielki laur za to co robi tylko co niektórzy czekają jak ciamajdy zeby chłop poprawił cyferki a tu literki a może podał kaszkę na miseczkę poszukajcie sami sobie niektórych odpowiedzi stara sie facet jak może poskładać to do kupy ale nie jego wina że WG będzie to utrudniał.
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    a tak nawiasem to najlepiej żeby zostały te mody które ty masz :ph34r: :blink: <_<
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    bo panie X jesteś ciamajda i czekasz tylko aby aslain coś naprawił bo sam nie potrafisz nic zrobić to nie pobieraj paczki i daj się innym cieszyć ze mamy polaka który robi paczkę tak rozbudowaną z modami na cały świat
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    You might be right, however it's the Duke thing to say all these things, including swearing :P
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    well, i'm revisiting this thread because i think there's a lot of people in same boat and it's unclear where the issue might be. as i see it, there are probably 2 problems -- one of which can be resolved by aslain, one of which is probably a problem with xvm itself(?). 1) problem with a mod in the modpack: the multi hit log with bad (old?) expected values file as described above in earlier post: that is only for the "live" in-game wn8/efficiency mod which shows current battle live stats. that is an on-going problem and one which seems could be easily fixed by included the correct tank data file. 2) xvm problem with "missing" stats as reported generally here, but also specifcally (with screenshots) at the korearandom forum: http://www.koreanrandom.com/forum/topic/24893-cromwell-b-statistics-are-not-updating/ http://www.koreanrandom.com/forum/topic/24570-xvm-cromwell-b-stats-not-update/ i'm pretty sure that's not something that can be fixed via this modpack, and is likely a problem with xvm itself (?). the problem is, as i search more and more, it seems a lot of people are experiencing this issue and are reporting it, but nobody knows quite what to do to get the attention of people who can actually fix it or identify exactly what the problem is.
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    Aslain is nothing short of AMAZING. I do not understand how he manages this modpack, single handed. :O :O (Aslain must be Polish for Amazing Person :P )
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    Installer things: • There seems to be a weird thing with the link area, if there's no visible link, picture attached. - erm, and in different words/pics? :) • Is it possible to have the "Full-Size Picture" not open in Windows Photo Viewer, but rather in the default viewer for jpg files? - Impossible currently • moonio contour icons on the list, but greyed out - mod removed Missing image preview or changes: • Scale of carousel cells (one picture with all 3 sizes, and then each size on each option, attached) - DONE • Scope Shadow Remover (picture illustrating the change, attached) - DONE • Show extra zoom indicator on crosshair (picture with a marker pointing to where the indicator will be, attached) - DONE • Gold ammo visibility mod (remove preview under the main option maybe?, attached screenshots to be used under the 4 options)- DONE • ServerCross (pictures of each color attached, leave the current preview image where it is)- DONE • YasenKrasen (V 1) (attached)- DONE • Skins of destroyed vehicles (all 4 attached)- DONE • Female Tank Crews (attached new preview, better quality)- DONE Bugged mods/missing features: • Harpoon, v3.0 (en) (probably the other Harpoon sights as well) - degrees display no longer works, since 9.8, attached screenshots with markers where it's not displaying info anymore. (When messing with protanki's modpack to try and force spoter's mods to complain, I noticed his Harpoon 3.0 is showing the degrees, not sure if he did that himself, or if it's updated somewhere else) - nothing I can do I think, lets wait for mod author, he is rather active so who knows, wouldnt like to use protanki scripts ofc • Extra Aim Info (for SPG) - works on all tanks, not just spg - see notes for this below, with changes/improvements- 1 month ago i tried all versions from korearandom, all bugged, and works always, not just in spg, despite what their config has inside... Changes/suggestions to improve/fix options/names: (Translators are going to love this one.. :unsure: ) • Colored Base Circles - change the 4 options to: "v.1 light red", "v.2 light blue", "v.3 red", "v.4 blue" (to match the image preview) - DONE • Debug Panel by unknown - change to Debug Panel v3 by rafal_rambo (name from the website link) - DONE • Debug Panel by Rangarocek - remove website link (wrong one) and change to Debug Panel by unknown - DONE (so its not ragnarocek?) • Skins of destroyed vehicles - change text from (for SD client) to (for SD client, also works with HD client) or (for SD & HD client) < that last one to make it shorter than the first one. - Plans to add HD skins too, so must decide later what to do here • Extra Aim Info (on the link included in the installer, http://www.koreanran...um/topic/22140- , there's a version that allows for selecting SPG only, or all tanks..)-(could make 2 options, one that installs "SPG only" and one that installs "All vehicles", attached picture)- like I said before but will check it again Wrong, deleted or missing links: • Vehicle Contour Icons - Webium - current link is wrong http://forum.worldof...?/topic/300932- change to http://www.mywotmods...ntour-icons-mod- DONE • Vehicle Contour Icons - Mikkaav's - current link is wrong http://www.curse.com...ldoftanks/aciym probably change to http://aslain.com/in...pack-98-update/(though not sure, since mikkaav's is based on artasan's)- must decide here what to do witht that Artasan update his icons.... • Server Turret Extended - current link is dead, change to http://forum.worldof...?/topic/503287-- DONE but used exproms link • Spotted Extended - current link is dead, change to http://forum.worldof...?/topic/483700- DONE but used exproms link • Direction Indicator Extended - current link is dead, change to http://expromt-max.r.../topic-590.html- DONE • Armoring Extended - current link is dead, change to http://expromt-max.r.../topic-532.html- DONE • Crosshairs - Giacint - current link is dead, change to http://forum.worldof...standarts-mods/ (Mentioned this one in Shoutbox :) )- DONE • Info Panel (info about targeted vehicle) - current link is dead (did not find a new one)- I think the script is from Shtys, will find his topic • Info Panel - minimalistic option - current link is dead (did not find a new one) I think the script is from Shtys, will find his topic • Damage Panels - Damage Log GambitER - current link is wrong http://forum.worldof...?/topic/633723- change to http://forum.worldof.../topic/1594349-- DONE • Damage Panels - Jahral's Damage Panel - current link is wrong :P http://aslain.com/ (did not find a proper link)- Jahral has no topic I think, he sent me this in PM, thats why my website is used here • Garage Mods - Equip Auto Return - current link is a bit wrong http://www.modxvm.com/en/download-xvm/ change tohttp://www.koreanran...um/topic/24821- DONE • Session Statistics - YasenKrasen - current link missing, add soloviyko's link, he has taken over the development from _Jeso_http://forum.worldof...?/topic/445745- ((( Jeso's post giving solo permission; http://forum.worldof...9#entry10845229 ))) DONE with solo link, however I did not use his script, but for future purpose it it's ok ((( Alternatively, _Jeso_'s thread http://forum.worldof...p?/topic/209229 could be added instead of solo's... up to you, depends on the version used I suppose ))) • Tech-Tree - ReCo's Vertical Techtree - current link is outdated http://forum.worldof...?/topic/166549- change to http://forum.worldof...?/topic/504011- DONE (until reco is back) • Other Garage Mods - Crew Exp Extended - current link is dead, change to http://forum.worldof...?/topic/409871-DONE but used exproms link • Crew Voice Sounds - Space Marine by Varatesh - current link missing, add http://forum.worldof...?/topic/324193-- left for later, many crew sounds has missing links • Hitzone Skins - by Goha - current link is wrong http://www.wotdb.info/#country=mods change to http://www.wotdb.inf... mod by GoHa.Ru DONE but I hope this link will live in 9.9, before, I used more general link just in case • Skins of destroyed vehicles - White 25% - current link missing, add http://www.koreanran...rum/topic/1578-DONE • Skins of destroyed vehicles - Grey 25% - current link missing, add http://www.koreanran...rum/topic/1578-DONE SLEEEEEP TIME Argh tiiiired....
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    Mistakes happen - even for 10,000 people companies :) You're doing a supremely AMAZING job, for just one person. I still can't understand how you do it :wub: I did have a peek in the folder mentioned in the WG thread, and yup - flags. :P (Doesn't bother me, but I'm sure others will rage :P lol)
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    We cannot do more, go to koreanandomforum and ask them, they are responsible for this. http://www.koreanrandom.com/forum/forum/57-xvm-english-support-and-discussions/
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    Lol, Are you kidding? I have nothing to do with keeping stats of particular tanks, they are holding stats on their server. Link it plz.
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    Ya, whoever updates that mod needs to totally remove that "DICK" statement..... I think everything else is clean enough, but that statement just ruins the mod for me. What I also don't get is why the game developers had to ruin Duke..... He was funny and Duke before, without having to be "vulgar".
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    Aslain poninieneś połowe modów z paczki wyrzucić i miałbyś o połowę problemów mniej jednemu buguje jednemu nie działa .
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