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  1. This information is listed in the changelog, which you click past before you get to the mod list itself. (Adding a highlight on the list, to my understanding, would add extra workload to Aslain, as he would have to manually color them, and remove it again for the next update.. and what about people skipping at least one version, they won't have the highlight then..) And there's the changelog here on the website as well. :)
  2. Yeah I noticed you mentioned you were ill - get well soon :) And I really do admire your dedication to your modpack, working on it since 9.8 release, pretty much non-stop, even though you have been weakened by illness :o
  3. Once more - you're the man! :D
  4. in 4.4.2, Wizard's was part of the contour icons mentioned as updated for 9.8, but it still seems to be using the old filenames. usa-T32.png for example, which causes the Aslain icon to be shown, and not Wizard's, since it should be; usa-A12_T32.png for example. There are other cases. (IS-3, and the other HD tanks from 9.8) So it would seem you forgot to update the file afterall :P (installation was done with clean install and clean the download cache)
  5. You're the man Aslain! B)
  6. Neat! So it'll be just as before, pretty much :) What about the damage panel itself, will it have timers on it, or do we need to look up a seperate damage panel mod, to combine with XFT?
  7. Gambiter is no longer doing a damage panel, his newest is just damage log (not sure if he has plans to re-introduce the panal.. didn't check), which is probably why Xft and others were long to update. (The Xft that just got released is without damage panel as well)
  8. Woops, accidental double post :blink:
  9. Go to modxvm.com and check your settings. It's probably set to WGR and not WN8.
  10. If your resolution is 1920x1080, I can strongly recommend this, from the modpack: Roktaal's Compact Horizontal Techtree
  11. It is very minor, just one number really :P But hey, it's an "issue/bug" :D It should read: 1920 x 1080 (Just the 5 to an 8 :P )
  12. From the 4.3.10 changelog: - had no choice and added protanki script, because some crosshair makers are using it now. Expect russian spam window telling lies about using script without permission (they gave permission to mod authors, but still display this spam window, so be warned!). Currently following crosshairs are using this script: Shtys minimalistic sights, Deegie's crosshairs, Standard crosshair, with better timer and more. Putting it here to others will see it, that doesn't check the changelog :P
  13. Don't select it if you are on NA servers then.
  14. Remember this: http://aslain.com/index.php?/topic/9-how-to-report-a-bug-or-issue/ :) First thing I would do, is add that - and secondly, double check your list that you actually selected to install those things :P
  15. The picture where you are alive is still the crosshair, just a different setting. Check your settings (best if you are in a battle, I recall with this one) - press Esc, Settings, and check your Sights settings in there.
  16. XVM Minimap: Show camera direction line. Does the job, doesn't it? :) There's already vehicle and camera direction lines.. we don't need a third line to clutter things up even more :P
  17. Just don't select it, problem solved :P There's two behaviors in WoT. Scroll wheel and pressing Shift. NoScroll blocks the scroll wheel option, but you can still use the Shift option.
  18. True, hehe... I've done that so many times myself, screwing up the selection and having to restart the installer :P
  19. That custom installation dropdown box is selected by default, since it's the top most option. Simple solution is to just click once on the first thing you normally have selected on the list. (One of the color scheme's at the top, for example) Click that, and scroll to your hearts content with the scroll wheel :)
  20. Quaksen


    v4.1.28 (20-01-2015): - added minion 6th sense sound :P
  21. Curious, in .16 Aslain removed it due to that message, maybe Aslain forgot to remove it from one of the sights? This is from .16: - replaced camera scripts back to sights.pyc (prosights script is showing a warning message that script is being used illegaly + advertising 3rd party russian modpack in garage) Also remember to read and do this: http://aslain.com/index.php?/topic/9-how-to-report-a-bug-or-issue/
  22. Last clan icon update was 4 months ago, by the XVM team. :mellow: (according to their download page)
  23. Press Esc, and go into Settings, during battle.
  24. http://www.modxvm.com/en/download-xvm/
  25. on modxvm.com you can see that NA was last updated : 11.09.2014
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