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  1. The amount of people playing at 4K resolution is probably so few it would ultimately be a huge waste of time for Aslain to adjust things to fit there as well.. (I don't think there's a "One size fits all" image, when it comes to screen resolutions) (The contour icons are made with TankIconMaker)
  2. Check if you have fonts named "XVM" in the Windows Fonts folder (Probably C:\Windows\Fonts\) And remove those.
  3. Check your World of Tanks settings. Specifically: "Accept invitations from friends in the garage", should not be ticked.
  4. Whatever you have been smoking, you shouldn't smoke again :lol:
  5. The damage panels should all have a config file, that lets you customize the damage taken message.
  6. SeaFalcon's damage panel, it's linked right on Zeven's twitch channel, which is linked from his video. :)
  7. Check what you selected in the installer... Because, there's a checkbox line with: "NoScroll (the scroll wheel blocker in sniper mode)"
  8. Try checking the WoT client settings themselves. In the garage, go to settings, and have a peek at what you might have set there. One guess is that you have the WoT minimap extended thingie enabled, perhaps.
  9. Alternatively, you can use the custom mods folder placed in the World of Tanks directory, to always have your custom file installed last in the process, overwriting the other one. :)
  10. Instead of system channel, Aslain should have said Notification Center button, hehe, but yeah :)
  11. Did you look at the bottom of the screen?...
  12. LOL Grandorf... that's insane. Imagine that file, as a WAV file. :blink:
  13. Yeah - but as another example, OMC Modpack for example, has a tiny installer, but for every - single - preview image, you'll need to download it, and if internet is acting up, or they have high load, they'll fail to show and what not. Personal preference there, is to have a larger installer, but instant-access to previews. We'll see what others say, and most importantly, Aslain himself :)
  14. Many of the options are DLC, meaning it will only get downloaded if you select it. While I don't know the exact contents of the installer, most of it is probably: Previews (image and sound), default settings, and the smaller of the mods, adding up.
  15. Glad you figured it out :) And yeah, I figured it probably wouldn't be the correct thing to do - it was a quick shot in the dark, honestly, just to get something started :)
  16. Something along these lines.. since you have it posted, you can always revert back, if things get messed up :P "formatRightNick": "<font alpha='{{alive?#FF|#80}}'><font face='Consolas'><font size='10'>{{clan}}</font></font> <font size='13'>{{name%.10s~..}}</font></font> <img src='xvm://res/icons/xvm/xvm-user-{{xvm-user|none}}.png'> <img src='xvm://res/icons/flags/{{flag|default}}.png' width='16' height='13'>", "formatRightVehicle": "{{vehicle}}",
  17. Harpoon Debug Panel has that included. I'll see what I can do, and see if Aslain wants to add a customized one, without the constraints.
  18. Version: 9.12.10 9.12.13 is the newest one, try that one and report back :)
  19. The obvious question here is probably: Are you sure your crew has 6th Sense perk on the Commander, at 100%, just to rule that mistake out? :)
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