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  1. It just looks like it's part of WG's update to that section.. It's telling you, that you've researched and can purchase an upgraded engine? Check the S-51's research page.
  2. The logs, they be missing! :P See: http://aslain.com/index.php?/topic/9-how-to-report-a-bug-or-issue/
  3. Even so - the minimap isn't showing any circles.. and locastans minimap is supposed to have that as well.. But yeah, that one is why the normal XVM map is deselected
  4. Alternatively, you could find an SPG crosshair that has the travel time. :) (Not sure which ones in the modpack has it.. or if they all do..)
  5. You missed this part though: - attach file _Aslain_logs.zip and python.log (both located directly in WoT folder)
  6. Aww :) Okay :D Good to know it's not just me being crazy though :P
  7. Slim, click the link in Aslain's signature (How to report a bug or issue) It has a guide on what log files he needs :)
  8. South Carolina is called Michigan
  9. The Wyoming seems to be called Arkansas on the minimap. Also, it doesn't seem to generate a "_Aslain_logs.zip" :) Made the attached one myself. _Aslain_logs.zip
  10. You can mess with the settings for it here; \res_mods\\scripts\client\mods\ -> vehicle_exp_extended.xml You can probably remove most of it. Even hide the hotkeys, and remove the quest display as well. :)
  11. I suggest using it, since the two mods work together, creating the UI thingie that is in my screenshot, so you can see what you pick :) (Pretty sure it's that, anyways.. try it :D )
  12. A mod doesn't provide that - isn't it just the way WoT shows it? :)
  13. You haven't attached any log files - so I'll just have to ask you instead: Do you have Vehicle Exp Extended installed as well as Quests Extended?
  14. Didn't think about that part, hehe. The first link has some information on how to prevent the installer from getting flagged though, things like "silent install" and what not. If they do a site-case and not file-case, then it'll be tough to get them to stop flagging something from mediafire for example. (Yet it doesn't flag from some of the other links.. so it's something related to mediafire in the end, probably, Google being more on their case, if they're used often as malware hosts)
  15. https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/3258249"Malware and unwanted software" & https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/168328"Request a malware review or unwanted software review" Both of those links should be helpful when it comes to getting them to stop flagging your installer, Aslain B)
  16. Alt+2 is the hotkey to change it from doing Primary missions only, or Primary+Secondary. That's probably why it's changing to the ones without Secondary done. Have a look at that.
  17. Not sure really :) Try having a look at the json file, see if there's something mentioned about the toggle besides the key used.
  18. "toggleKeyCode": 0, < Change. minimap_tankview_extended.json \res_mods\\scripts\client\mods
  19. Yeah, I know, they are under Polish and Czech - but - I don't see a reason for them to remain unreadable to other users. All other things are translated :)
  20. In the English file, there's 3 "not English lines": Line 760: en.Hlasky_crewvoices=Hlášky: z filmů a seriálů Line 769: en.czterej_pancerni=Czterej Pancerni Line 770: en.hallack=Teksty Hallacka zamiast załogi :ph34r: :P
  21. Winning isn't everything. You need to work for it to keep up your statistics. Keeping your damage going, and what not.
  22. The option to restore it, without removing the protection, is pressing Ctrl+J by default, which opens the download manager. In there, you can recover it :)
  23. Neat :D And yeah, I see you removed a post, sneaky sneaky, but yeah The change I suggested, only turns off preloading of sounds, for the "GUI" sounds. The rest still gets preloaded :D
  24. Awww, that's not what I meant :P Hehe.. Though.. I'm not even sure if it helps me out at all, using the Preload... :P
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