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ASIA server out of sync again

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Seems that WG needs to get their act together and update ALL servers on the same day.  Last time it was a week before ASIA server caught up with the rest.


ASIA had a patch this morning, don't know what for and can't find anything about it, version number  Anyway, whatever it was, I had to redo Aslains mods.


Downloaded the latest Aslains, go to choose the mods, and get this message pop up in a window....


"Unsuitable version of the installed client detected. Installer is intended for"



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Ok.  Got this from Ezz in an ASIA forum...


The micro patch will released on the morning of Thursday, 11th of January. Mods will again break, the folders will be called /mods/ and /res_mods/


  • Fixed the problem that leads to the display of an empty gift ribbon due to the loss of Internet connection.
  • Fixed the problem that it’s impossible to enter the game on some accounts registered after December 21, 2017.
  • Fixed the problem in the “March of Nations”, because of which the participants of the event see the line “You did not participate in this rating” in the section “My best results”.
  • Fixed some technical problems.

(From TAP - as usual more useful than WG at telling us what's what)

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