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Issue with Zorgane's...again

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this time noticed that my British Valentine's 75mm gun has no gun sound at all. might wanna get Zorgane to fix this fast: i'm currently on a bug hunt to find out why i'm having very severe performance and screen tearing issues on a brand new gaming laptop

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40 minutes ago, Wolvenworks said:

weird. i'm on win10. i don't even use edge. did notice that my frames seem to improve somewhat when i switch to the WW2 sound mod, but i don't like it overriding my choice for the 6th sense sound mod to a default one

Doesn't matter, it's in your system by default (controled by internet options menu), it's hardcoded in windows.

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still think that WG needs to help out with a method for modding sounds without affecting actual sound files, since sometimes the sounds can "disappear" if you run it it safe mode


anyway did my logs reveal any other problems other than the Zorgane issue? looks like WG support gave up on helping me

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