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Repair Panel shows up if holding L.CTRL

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Beforehand: Yes, I'm aware that there is a mod that does this!


  • If I hold down L.CTRL it show the repair panel in the center of my screen even if I don't have activated this mod.
  • If I activate this mod, there's a second repair panel shown in the center of my screen which is slightly disposed to the other, so I think that this mod works properly, but there seems to be another mod which does pretty much the same.
  • The only mod I have activated that uses L.CTRL is the mini map centering mod.


How do prevent the repair panel from being shown in the center of my screen?


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Gonna change it and reply in a few minutes.


Edit 1: Just noticed I'm using Zayazs damage panel, not KobkaGs. Or did you mean I should choose KobhaGs panel instead of whatever I'm using right now?


Edit 2: I changed the Damage Panel and the problem persists. Any other idea?


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Added logs
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Solved it.


Just downloaded the Damage Panels by Rabbit and by Zayaz manually and found out that there are two folders inside the archive, one with centered repair panel and one without.

Using the files in the folder without centered repair panel solves my problem.


Could you perhaps add an item to the list to choose from those two options?


Screenshot example for "Damage Panel by Zayaz"


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