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I dont get sniper mode to work/enter it

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Ive tried to find the answer to this by googling and searching here but cant find it..

Ive never used this mod pack, always used QB´s mods but last month i got CTDs so i removed it and got this Aslains mod as it was no 1 on mod page.


My problem is i cant figure out sniper mode in TDS on this :(

usualy i hit L Shift and zoom with mousewheel, this dosent work here for me.

i tried to not choose any sniper settings in the mod setup but nothing changes.


Anyone here can advice me? would appriciate it!

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Please attach log files if you're having issues :) There's a link to a "how to" in my signature.


Generally, you should be able to go into sniper mode, either with Left Shift or the mousewheel, depending on settings and such.


Double check what you have selected in your WoT settings as well.

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Tbh i tried to change as little as i could to try it out before i tinkered away, sno no i havent changed crosshair.


What happens is, when i hit L shift i sights locks and tank turns 45 degrees maybe.

if i just scroll with mousewheel it zooms in in 2-3 levels then next one it locks same as above and turn tank.


I cant figure the problem so i switched to Solos easy mod on WoT Mod portal and now everything works with me not changing anything else.


Thanks for trying appriciate the help.

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