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How to remove ''Spot Markers''

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I reinstalled WOT a few days ago, went to reinstall the mods i always used for months but..

Now i have Spot Markers next to the enemies names


I find them annoying, Anyone know how to remove these?

Spotting markers.png

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I am not familiar with QB's installer, but you must be selecting the same settings in QB's installer.  I can't think of anything else in this modpack that would give spotted markers.  The markers you have look like the ones used with XVM.  


Are you installing XVM with QB's installer?  

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The QB's mod is in Aslains installer, thats the one im clicking, When using Qb's mod in aslains installer you cant use the options like you are or it automatically uses aslains panel mod.

I cant think of anything either, because before i reinstalled XVM, Aslain modpack & WOT it was fine.


And yes they are the XVM markers..


Do you mean this? (im not using QB's installer)markers.thumb.png.3b9b10073c5d201df1eb99830c3f59e8.png

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4 hours ago, DaKiwi said:

I find them annoying, Anyone know how to remove these?

You can do it by manually editing XVM config.
Go to res_mods/configs/xvm/<your_config>/playersPanel.xc  (open with Notepad)

First find (CTRL+F) enemySpottedMarker definition.
looks like this:   

    "enemySpottedMarker": {

right bellow add:

      "enabled": false,

So it looks like this:

    "enemySpottedMarker": {
      "enabled": false,

Then do the same for xmqpServiceMarker (CTRL+F)

    "xmqpServiceMarker": {
      "enabled": false,

When you are done don't just close save it,
go Save As > name:playersPanel.xc > type:Text Documents.txt > Encoding UTF-8 > Save

This is the most simple way, just toggle it off, so you don't have to edit every extraField for each panel by removing ${"def.enemySpottedMarker"}, you can just leave it.


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Sure, but that disables all data sharing with your allies (those that use xvm and have XMQP enabled)
including spotted indicators on markers when sixth sense go off (can be handy if you don't have sixth sense), also minimap drawing

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