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Custom Battle Loading Screen mod isn't working

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I tried reinstalling the mod several times to see if it will work but unfortunately, it doesn't. I also tried to "Check & Repair" the game then reinstalling the mod but it still doesn't work.

What's weird is that it is working before (same version of installer) but when I opened the game earlier, it doesn't work anymore.

Attached picture is the loading screen. It is just the classic one not the modded version.



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After multiple mod reinstalls, I just realized that when the loading screen mod isn't working, the main gun tracer mod is working but when the loading screen mod is working, the main gun tracer mod isn't. I don't know what's causing the problem anymore.

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It is the correct path. I thought the game files will be inside the "World of Warships" folder when I reinstalled the game before but it made the "World_of_Warships_ASIA" folder inside it instead.

What about the custom loading screen mod though? Why isn't it working and why doesn't it work when tracer mod is working and vice versa? Do they somehow conflict each other? Does the compressed textures mod affect the loading screen too?

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