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Game start freeze

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 I can hear others joining the game and gun fire but can't get past this screen, I turned off all non WOT programs running in the background even my AVG anti virus software.


 Been having this problem since around update 0.9.8


If i run the game in "safe mode" I don't run into this problem.





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log file upload
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9 hours ago, updbum said:

 Here is the latest freeze, no extra programs running in the background.

Have to close game and restart to enter battle.





Unable to reproduce it when playing with same mods like you. Could you include more details: like frequency of occurency, on what maps, with what tanks etc.

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 The freeze happens at random, but I can get  at least 5 games done at start of my game day.

 Freeze happens on any map.

 It seems like arty mostly but also lites,meds and heavies and T.D.'s


 I will keep a log of what maps and tanks it freezes on for the next couple days.







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 Here is the list of problems on the weekend

These were not in all in a row it was over 25-30 games in the same day, also did a system check before game start on both days.




                          MAP                                                            TANK                                           PROBLEM

  Himmelsdorf                                                                        FV304                                   Stuck at start up map,  First arty play of the day

  Ruinberg                                                                             Chi-To                                   Lost all XVM stats, returned next game

  Abby                                                                                  T 29 (tier 3)                           Lost all XVM stats, returned next game

  Cliff                                                                                     Pershing                                Lost all 3 action keys (no repair, med kit or fire kit)

  Fisherman Bay                                                                    T 29 (tier 7)                           Had to hit CTRL key to be able to enter team chat mode



  Lakeville                                                                               WZ-132                                Stuck at start up map, about 10'th game of the day AND lost all XVM stats

  Sand River                                                                           M41 Bulldog                          Stuck at map start up.



 Also included the log file.





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On 9/18/2018 at 9:05 PM, updbum said:

  For the third day in a row game freezes while entering with my WZ-132 for its first game of the day even with todays mod pack update, no special map seems like any one.





Interesting. I don't even have that tank !

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 Sept 19            Live Oaks

 Sept 21            Sand River

 Sept 22            Over Lord                 (had played for 6 hours over 30 games with no other freeze ups)


  When it freezes up I have to dump back to my Desk Top and close W.O.T. wait 5 seconds for it to close then re start the program and join in the back about 1:30 after it started.

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XVM works like that since a long of time, like since beginning of WoT 1.0 but it had such episodes earlier too, yet nobody is removing it because it's rare. I.e. I never crashed like this, so why would I remove it from modpack when it works for me?


You can stop using it for now if this is big issue to you.

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Well... I had that issue before... I fixed updating the Yasenkrasen from its page... Then When fixed with no freezes, just deleted the folder mod Yasen... and install the mod pack from here again and "Voila" !!! Everything was nice !!!   (Hope that helps a little... it works for me)  :-)

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I thought me game was freezing, but then I glanced at hard drive led--it hammers HARD for 30 seconds at the beginning and end of every match, such that the pc can't do anything until it's done, been doing it since I took a break from June thru August, so I can't tell if it's a mod, or some change in the game

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