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v4.5.1 (16-07-2015):

- updated XVM to nighly build 4636

- updated Spot Messanger

- updatd Research Watchdog

- updated OTM reload

- updated spg minimap aimcircle

- updated utannouncer

- updated damage log gambiter v0.1.6 beta

- updated BalCalMod

- updated AutoTelescope

- updated Kriegstreiber's Gun, Engines & Hit sounds

- updated Team HP Pools by Locastan and Armagomen

- updated Mikkaav's contour icons

- updated Hangar Manager 'HangMan' with few built-in garages

- updated Locastans HD minimap

- updated Info Panel minimalistic

- updated Roktaal's Compact Horizontal Techtree

- removed XVM tank carousel cell highlighting (need update)

- removed not working Info Panels

- attention, many crosshairs are bugged in 9.9, need new scripts/files, only J1mbo and Harpoon are reliable currently

- attention, only my own and Mikkaav's contour icons are updated, more come later

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v4.5.2 (17-07-2015):

- updated XVM to v6.1.3

- updated Spotted vehicle direction on aim circle+

- fixed Tech-Tree branch in the installer

- fixed ping indicators in garage and on login screen

- removed bugged crosshairs

- removed circle OTM reload (bugged)

- "Storm confirms: 9.9 brought a large number of crashes, WG considers this issue critical, it will be fixed soon"

note: if you cannot find a mod that was usually in the modpack, that means it is bugged in 9.9 and was removed until further notice

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v4.5.3 (18-07-2015):

- fixed a rare issue where Bass.dll would fail to load

- added switch for server info in hangar

- updated contour icons: Torque, SirPuffalot, Witblitz mini, mightyjoshis, Wizards, Druids, Qualans, J1mbo, Prudenter, Tomsas, man1aq, PoGs, Best Icons Ever

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v4.5.4 (19-07-2015):

- updated Torque contour icons

- updated all sound mods by Piciu

- updated ReCo's Vertical Techtree by Mike2051

- updated Webium's countour icons

- updated Info Panel minimalistic (info about targeted vehicle)

- updated swf for spg crosshair on minimap

- fixed installing Locastans session stats

- removed bugged Armor Calculator, Locastans Compass, Debug Panel with Tactical Map (ru)

- removed GTO's Penetration marker (bugged)

- removed clanMod (bugged)

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v4.5.5 (20-07-2015):

- updated Torque contour icons

- updated Moonio's contour icons v2.2

- updated Xft' Integrated DamageLogs v0.17

- update No Camo by Artsan

- fixed Damage Stickers

- removed ReCo's Vertical Techtree by Mike2051 (bugged)

- re-added clanMod

nopte: if you experience with bugged system chanel try to clean up wot cache nor do not select back up session stats for one time, then play one battle to make it create new stats cache.

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v4.5.6 (20-07-2015):

- updated XVM to nightly build 4665

- added GTO's Penetration marker

- contains special fix to CTD that will not work if you install Locastans HD minimap!

- crippled spg aim on minimap to make it compatible with the CTD fix!

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Installer was hotfixed with updated Johny_Bafak's Vertical Techtree, this is my last update. Leaving fast internet zone, and won't be able to do anything for around 8-10 days from now. 


To get hotfixed installer simply redownload 4.5.8 again.

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v4.5.9 (02-08-2015):

- updated XVM to nightly 4692

- updated many preview pictures in the installer

- updated all Aslain's icons (red color for special vehicles is more distinctive now and was added to the rest of my icons, added mirrored contour icons for enemy side, added new test CB icons)

- updated script for Gun Reload Sound mods (by Aslain)

- upaded Szarik 6th sense icon (the cut-out one)

- updated crosshairs Melty, ProArty, Taipan, Sword of Damocles, Deegie, OverCross, Dellux, Team Roughneck's Gunsights, Standard crosshair, with better timer and more, Blue crosshair, Optic TRG - with a new script

- updated Ignored battle types in session stat mods

- updated Spotted Extended by BirrettaMalefica 

- updated OTM reload

- updated Spot Indicator

- updated Tank Minimap View extended

- updated Johny_Bafak's Vertical Techtree  v0.6

- renamed labels for Aslain's icons on components list

- corrected distance between Aslain's cenetered icons and OTM hp bar

- NOTE: I didn't really have time to check all updated crosshairs, use at own risk :) I will make a proper update next week, when I got back to country from my trip

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v4.5.10 (05-08-2015):

- added new Colored Damage Sticker: v3 alternative by Vlad_cs_sr

- updated XVM to nightly 4700

- updated Battle Assistant v1.3.2

- updated Gnomefather's sound mods

- updated contour icons Master_XH's, Ashbane's, Nikodemsky

- updated Fog Remover

- updated Selected tank highlighter on tank carousel

- update Colored wrecks of tanks - White 

- updated Wide border of maps (light)

- updated Skins with hitzones by KoreanRandom, Goha.ru and Fire & Ammorack Only by BadBoy78

- changed colors for ping in hangar and login screen

- fixed Blue crosshair, Zayaz crosshair, Standard crosshair, with better timer and more, Team Roughneck's Gunsights, Sword of Damocles

- removed due incompatibility with 9.9: contour icons xobotyi by galagan, kodos

- reactivated session stats save & backup ability
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v4.5.11 (06-08-2015):

- updated expected tank values v21 in MultiHitlog and session stats mods

- updated Colored chat messages (english version)

- updated Standard crosshair, with better timer and more 

- changed ping in hangar to the old style

- removed Fog Remover (causing white/black screens for some players)

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v4.5.12 (07-08-2015):

- updated autoaim indication+

- added No Fog (this one should work fine)

- added Arcade-Sniper Switch Lag Fix + Max Farplane by Nikodemsky

- added option: Change client messages to Polish language (usefull on non-EU clients) [on bottom of list]

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v4.5.13 (08-08-2015):

- added hangars: Bat Cave Hangar, Poppy Field Hangar, 9th of May Hangar - Berlin Hangar

- added Annoying Features Remover by Reichsfackel

- added new Accurate DMG indicator #2

- removed buggy Accurate DMG indicator #5

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v4.5.14 (10-08-2015):

- fixed installing crew icons GirlsUndPanzer in Swim Suits

- updated XVM's clan icons addon (08.2015)

- updated Info Panel (now works with L.ALT key)

- updated XVM to nightly 4703

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v4.5.16 (12-08-2015):

- changed Received Damage Announcer config to my old style

- fixed Dellux (Shtys) crosshair

- added CW battles to ignore for all session stats (to fix issues after CW battle)

- updated installers languages

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v4.5.17 (14-08-2015):

- added Noskills National VoicePacks (With In-game Voice Mod Changer)

- updated YasenKrasen stats script and config

- updated Incoming Damage Indicator #1 with 15 sec display script

- reworked Received Damage Announcer branch (also added Elkano's RDA)

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v4.5.18 (15-08-2015):

- updated tank carousel avg damage stat with colors based on wn8effd (idea by Clinkenweird)

- updated Extra Aim Info with SPG only mode

- updated Damage Log Gambiter with option to display repair panel under L.CTRL key, also added better panel without sharp icons. Now it almost looks like the old good gambiter.

- enlarged fonts on Received Damage Announcer by plsiusiak (config by Aslain)

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v4.5.19 (18-08-2015):

- added new option to Players Panel section: Display squad icons

- fixed polish version of In Game results in YasenKrasen

- fixed displaying XVM in batle clock when installing some debug panels

- corrected low hp's big exclamation mark position when selecting OTM player names 

- updated Tessu mod v0.6.2

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v4.5.20 (19-08-2015):

- corrected font in option Battleloading with vehicle names 

- changed script in following crosshairs: Zayaz, Blue, Taipan, Kellerman, Overcross

- updated ingame battle results in YasenKrasen session stats

- fixed daily reset in YasenKrasen session stats

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v4.5.23 (28-08-2015):

- updated Gnomefather's engine sounds (gun sounds are bugged, won't update yet)

- added Hit sounds from WoT 0.8.5 by DJ_DveiPL

- added Crew voices from WoT 0.6.6 by DJ_DveiPL (english)

- added Women crew voices by skot1&Beshi (polish)

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v4.6.1 (03-09-2015):

- updated XVM to nightly 4874

- updated contour icons: Aslain's (all verions), Druid's, mightyjosHis, Prudenter, Man1aq, Qualans

- updated Battle ending window by Rangarocek and Aslain

- updated session stats YasenKrasen EN 

- updated Battle Assistant v1.3.3

- updated Research Watchdog

- added contour icons Yet Another Contour Mod by Panzerleiter

- added Dumadidak Clear Hangars

- removed not working mods: GTO's Penetration marker, Shtys Damage Panel (Modified By Ephemerich)

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