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no tank review from tech tree

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is there a bug or anything in version 16 of the modpack cos when your in the tech tree and click on a tank you get the tank spec screen up and when you click to see the tank review to see what the tank looks like nothing happens just the aslain logo pops up for a split second and that's it no tank review

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  • Administrator

Yeah I can see that in your logs. Latest XVM yet bugs in python are similar to those from the older XVM. I would report it to the XVM devs, maybe they didn't fix it entirely for all users.


ps. I couldnt reproduce it from your mod setup. I could preview selected tanks.

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do we know if this is going to get fixed it's getting a bit annoying right now and i got another bug last night where you go into exterior moding the tank just bugged out big time where the aslain logo was on screen just spinning and every time i tried to exit the exit window come up twice before you could exit and the game soon crashed after that

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  • Moderator

As Aslain told you, he can't reproduce the issue you're having.

He can preview tanks just fine.

I can preview tanks just fine as well.


Do you have a set of logs from the crash you had? Otherwise it's not going to be easy to look into that either.

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If you've been playing a lot since then, it'll be hidden well in the python.log file unless you remember the exact time.


When you experience an issue, it's best to run Aslain's logs archiver, right after, so it has the latest stuff easily findable.

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