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No KV-2 in carousel (but it is in garage via tech tree)

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My KV-2 disappeared in the carousel after the mod pack installation (I almost had a heart attack since my best crew is there). If I go to tech tree, then I can fin KV-2 and press "display in garage" button. So, I still have KV-2 and can play, but don't see it in the carousel.  Any ideas?

Update: Hetzer is missing too...

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will do. Problem is not KV-2 per se, I think. But permanent camo...

update: just found that my painted Dicker Max shows up in carousel just fine... so, likely not camo is the problem

p.s. thanks for the head up about logs. 


Try no Camo by Pattern, maybe that No Camo by tank skin from Artasan is lacking.

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