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Buying camo, inscriptions etc bugged

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Hi Dear Aslain,

have the smae problem.


By the way, why does not WG make you an GUI Employee?


I dont think you could suck more than their GUI-Programmers are doing right now!   ;)





Oh, and a new bug:


I clicked the Research button and the game went Freeze.


Maybe it is the research Addon, which can not work with the new "illogical" Blurpint system! (uninstalled it, it went faster to the research, but when i clicked on another tank, it again freezed the game)...

... game is in a grayed screen, WG symbol is truning and it says "actualaizind verhicles list".

I let it run now for some time...



I think you will have a lot of problems with the new system and all addons which somehow are accessing it.





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6 minutes ago, antipathy said:

Hello again,


i think it has something to do with the gold/xp/??? lock-Addon!


Whatever had to uninstall Aslain-Mod.

Now the Vanila-Game works.


Probably. I just have to wait until this is fixed. I don’t know if it is on WG’s part or some mod.

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5 hours ago, Interface2037 said:

When I go in to the customization hangar to

buy camo etc it’s completely bugged. The gold icons just flicker and it’s impossible to finish the camo purchase. Any ideas? Hangman bug?

Try installing the modpack without Equipment and Skill Icons by DEbranded (Ausrüstungs- und Fähigkeitssymbole von DEbranded auf Deutsch).

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A little off-topic,


meanwhile i tried some others (from WG-site).


nearly something usable is the webium but it lacks the AA (right mouse always auto) without which i would not be able to play WoT.


The only thing that with other mods function and in Aslains not is the hp-cirle on minimap !!!


Maybe time to redesign the installer to something like nanite.


Then not all is included and maybe by failure installed.


And every module could be actualized by anybody (like cvs or wikimedia) and allowed to be installed to the (nanite)-aslain-installer.


Cause all the sound files and any installer to it is not intressting for me but the core vital elements to survive in a RND-MM-Win8 hell some people believe to be meaningful (which is really not after a streak of 32 loses).


Just wanted to give my 2 cents for the performance and optimization.


Thx for the work :* (i am not a gay, it is a hand-kiss) ;)

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