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Carousel Scaling not scaling !

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Please dont report XVM bugs for now, its pointless atm. Well you can but on XVM forums, they may have some use from it, but they will ask for default XVM without anything else anyway.


So like I said in changelog: USE AT OWN RISK ;)

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ZoeBallz, do you have the carousel.xc file with your custom settings in your Aslain's Custom_mods folder (zipped of course) to be installed automatically with each updates?  The reason I am asking is because I just corrected the same problem you illustrated in your screenshot in the last 5 minutes.  The carousel.xc file in the current version of xvm is different from the previous carousel.xc file.  I opened the new carousel.xc file in notepad++, made the changes that I had made to the previous file, saved it and then restarted the client.  The carousel was scaled correctly.  Then, I replaced the carousel file in my Custom folder, zipped it and all is good.


If you don't have a carousel file in the Aslain's Custom folder then I have no idea of what your problem might be....

Edit...   I see in your logs that you do not have anything in your Custom Folder being installed...if I read it correctly.  So my solution above probably is completely irrelevant.  I should stop pretending to know what I am talking about....lol.

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