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No icon for Type 59 G

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In the Aslains Contour Icons with Arab Numerals the icon for the Type 59G isn't available.  I know Wargaming didn't give you much notice.  It was just unusual last night seeing to many tanks without contour icons.

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I didn't attach logs at first because every single person in my clan who uses your modpack said on TeamSpeak that they had the same issue last night.  The issue continued through multiple battles through the night.  It also happened in all of my pub battles that had a Type 59G and other people in my clan reported the exact same issue.  I just assumed you forgot to add the icon. 



20190524_2203_china-Ch01_Type59_33_fjord.wotreplay Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip

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Type59_Gold is hidden inside TiM by default, but you can enable it and make contour icon for it.
Look inside Data/WotBuiltIn-1.csv for more info about hidden tanks.
You can add: # in front of china-Ch01_Type59_Gold,,,,,,del
and tank will appear inside TiM (tested with b163)
EDIT:Nevermind that, you are already ahead of me :sweat_smile:

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19 hours ago, Ress said:

Just noticed this Type59 G issue is fixed with todays b164,
as for previous b162 and b163 not much has changed, aside from nations image update and visibility layer update.

I cannot use this build, it's breaking few project for no reason.


Check it out:







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@Aslain It's probably b162 changes that's breaking your projects.

added saving according to the visibility of layers
change: uses the values of all parameters "var by"

commits 162

Something with visibility/visible for and layers might be the issue. Try playing with visibility for and layers.
Also weird all text appears to work only images are broken, and the only one working is for autoloaders.
No extra red ! errors only for autoloaders, so i assume template paths are correct. Any render errors when double clicking on individual icon?

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Glad you found the issue, on my Darker icons everything is on "Yes", but i get same issue you had if set to "No" or "Passthrough".
At the end "Visible for" still appears to work like it used to, so i don't know what's the point of this "Not varried" part. :confused:

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