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Ship Health Status shows "dead" but at ~80% HP

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I get this as well. Got it first with #1 on Georgia, I think it was a bigger hit (citadel or penetration) that caused the ship HP display to go black and my pants brown. Tested it in Training Room as Prinz Eugen, only soft damage and torp hits which didn't cause the black effect. Some of this effect can be mitigated by installing the regen helper mod.

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Installed "Aslain's WoWs ModPack v8.5.0 #02".


When in battle and after taking a certain amount of damage, the "health indicator" graphic suddenly indicates zero health although 80% health remains.

See images below.  Both images are from the same battle (with the Mod Pack installed).  The observed behavior does not occur if the Mod Pack is not installed -- have verified that twice now.

The issue appears to be present in the very 1st version of the v8.5.0 Mod Pack and is likely dependent on the my installation options (since no one else appears to have reported the problem yet).


just before:



then after taking a "good hit":



File created using the "Aslains_WoWs_Logs_Archiver.exe" application:



Selected installation options (in the event their is an issue with the LOGS ZIP FILE link):




World of Warships folder?  ->> Yes
Clean res_mods folder?  ->> Yes, FULL
Current date: 28-06-2019 and time: 07:11:41
Build date: 28-06-2019
Mod-Pack Installer by Aslain
Installed on: NA Client

Destination location:

Setup type:
      Custom installation

Selected components:
      Ship previews (Tech-Tree & Docs icons)
         Gold Premium Ship Icons
      ----------------------[ Screen panels ]--------------------------------------
         Side Panels by BADoBEST
            Panel: BADoBEST v2
      More visible range finder
         range finder: green
      ----------------------------[ Camera mods ]---------------------------------------
         Port zoom out
      ----------------------[ Over Target Markers (OTM) ]--------------------------------
         version by BADoBEST
            BADoBEST: Percent + nick
      Ship Movement Indicator
         SMI: v2 (aslain)
      ---------------------------[ Port mods ]-------------------------------------------
         Session Stats
         Extended Tech-Tree (adds hidden/unavailable ships to tech tree)
         Carousel extended
         Clear Vision
      ---------------------------[ Dock appearance ]------------------------------------------
         Azur Lane
            Flamuu port
      Dirt Repellent
      Alt Hud
            Navigator: centered
         Smoke counter (Alt hud)
            Smoke counter: centered
      Info Panel (enemy)
      Score timer
      Companion (Campaign progress)
      -----------------------------[ Sound mods ]---------------------------------------
         Ovechkin voiceover remover
      -------------------------[ Map enviroment mods ]-----------------------------
         Group 1
            Fog Remover
            Anti-Glare + Fog Remover (Sunglasses)
      -------------------------[ External Apps ]---------------------------------
         Matchmaking Monitor

Additional tasks:
      Installation options
         Remove all previous mods from the game (strongly advised)
         Create applications shortcut on desktop




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