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No crosshairs after installing v1.10.1.0 #00

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28 minutes ago, Aslain said:

Could you try without crosshair: J1mB0 v1 and spg sigth: Damocles


That worked. I selected Destroyer Blue and deselected spg sigth completely. Thanks for the quick reply!

26 minutes ago, Zero_Killz said:

i have the same problem... Using the same crosshair: J1mB0 v1 and spg sight: Damocles


It works fine with crosshair: J1mB0 v2 and spg sight: Damocles


Thanks for this. So used to Jimbo's using Destroyer for even one game was strange. Glad to be able to use v2. 

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Pretty sure it was related to the updated LegionLost crosshair, just played a game with it and every time I zoomed in I would drop to around 5 fps, game was so laggy that when I shot at someone they were not there when the shot registered.  Going to try another crosshair, but either the server is extremely laggy, or there is an issue with LegionLost.


Just to clarify, when I would zoom in to target someone the game would freeze for 2-5 seconds, and then drop down to 3-5 fps until zoomed out.  Didn't have this issue with J1mb0 V2, going to stick with J1mb0 v2 for now.


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