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Port issues

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Can you tell me how come when I save my port it keeps changing on me then the game lock up if I got to ship to ship after 4 times of going to one ship to another after the 3rd or 4th time the game locks up on me . And wants to reset pop up sing .

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Since I haven't heard from any of you . I just got a responds from WoWS  About this issue and this is what that they told me.

Thank you for contacting Wargaming Player Support!
I am sorry to hear that you are having issues with the game. So, do not worry, we will do our best to be of assistance.

Please try to game a little time without the mods(addons), and check for the issue again. 

Somehow I get this feeling that when I send in a issue about the mods not working that I get overlooked when y'all don't respond to the post .

Now I know that we haven't been eye to eye on a lot of issue that I brought to the table . But as the most famous words from our new so called president

" Come on Man " lol

How come I feeling like the Red Headed stepchild of Aslain ?

Now I know that Aslain has just put out a new up date and I have not tried it yet .I do hope that with the new up date that Aslain did it correct the issue .

But what is the deal in not responding to my posts .




O by the way I've just tried out the new aslains up date and still having the same issue just to let you know . amd yes it's the

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First of all - please attach logs - how to is still linked in my signature, so head on over there, and get that done.


Asking Wargaming for support when you have mods = You won't get any sort of help from them.

He's asking you to try the game without mods, to find out if the crash happens without mods.


And as for response - it's been less than two days - chill. :smile:

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Hold on, it's probably a bug in port infterface mod, in next modpack fast ship switching will be disabled because according to this mod author it leads to random crashes.


Avoid to switch ships fast, try to do it slooooowly or remove Ship Win Rate mod for now.

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Thx for the new up date I've tried it out last night and so far it's good . When I was on I only checked if it would lock up on me . So what I did was went to my 

port and start going to clicking on ships to see if it would lock up on me . And as of right now no issues has popping up . Keep up the good work again thx .


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