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How to turn this off....

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I am trimming down on the mods I use. I am going to continue to use Yasen session stats, The Mini Map distance circles, HP circle for tanks in MM, and Minion 6th sense icon/sound. 

I found I like not knowing how good/bad my team mates are, or the estimated win chance etc...  But something is adding a ratings # and color in the player names. Not sure what it is tied to or how to turn it off. 

I know it isn't Yasen SS, I had that added by itself while waiting for Aslains 1.12 to come out today. That is when I realized I wanted to trim down. 


Anyone know what causes that?



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Oh, I guess it is XVM then, with your extremely limited setup.. and you have XVM options picked...

You can try looking into the other minimap option further down, a non-XVM option. Or there's the extended minimap in the game itself that might be enough as is.

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have you tried to uncheck player stats from  xvm settings page?   I  also removed some stuff  made by xmv . Btw why you dont use view minimap circles from game settings? I trimmed down my team hp bar and circles from xvm and start using games own stuff.  I have problem how to start using games own spotted/unspotted lamp, I cant get them working if I use xvm. Even removing or disablin  those parts from xvm setting doesnt help.


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