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Opposition player list (upper right of battle screen) has the tank icons mirrored.

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Are y'all saying that "without XVM" must be selected in order for the Contour Icons to NOT be mirrored?   Because I've selected to use XVM for various other settings, I selected 'with XVM' here, because it seemed logical that if "Contour Icons installation mode" is ALREADY selected, then 'with XVM' should still be 'the anti-mirror for contour icons'.   The menu wording is misleading, it seems.  (PS: i tried 'display unaltered icons' both checked & unchecked.. still mirrored.)    UPDATE:  In Vehicle Contour Icons, I've tried with & without XVM, and with 'display unaltered icons on & off and the opponents icons are still mirrored?  What's the correct setting???


Aslain ContourIcon Inst Mode- anti-Mirror.png

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