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Overhead marker tier# and squad #... switch sides

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I've been using the option to show tier # on the left side of the overhead marker for a long time and have gotten used to it being there, and thought I'd try the option that includes the squad number, but the only option that includes both is having squad number on the left & tier number on the right.


Is it possible to switch the two so that the tier number remains on the left and the squad number would appear on the right? If its easy to do by editing a file, I'm fine with doing that but I can't seem to find the correct file to edit.


Any help is appreciated.

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You should open markersAliveNormal.xc and scroll down until you find this



              "alpha": 100,
              "color": null,
              "font": { "align": "center", "bold": true, "name": "Calibri", "size": 13 },
              "format": "{{rlevel}}",
              "name": "Tier number",   <------
              "shadow": { "alpha": 100, "angle": 45, "color": "0x000000", "distance": 0, "size": 2, "strength": 400 },
              "visible": false,
              "x": -47,    <-------
              "y": -25   
You should also find one that says "squad", then you switch the "x" value between them. 
Remember to do the same for Enemy (further down).
Remember to save youre own tweak and use Aslains automated install for ease.
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Thank you Aslain! I swapped them but then the low HP exclamation point was in the way. I moved that around and couldn't really find a place that I liked it but I see that you enlarged it a bit and that really helps.


Thanks again for adding it to the modpack.

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yeah, that exclamation mark is hard to place there, every good spot is already taken, but I moved it more to right, and it looks fine there, also enlraged it so it's better visible, I always wanted to do this before.

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