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Correct expected vehicle values for marks of excellence?

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What MoE mod it is on screenshot? I think that only the author can answer it I guess, but if it's spoter, then I'm not in touch with him. Maybe the difference comes from the fact that it's the moving damage stats, while this site is showing static damage values? I'm not MoE expert, so hard to tell you more, have you tried the other MoE mods, and what they are showing to you?

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The MoE expected damage values also are different on different WoT servers and vary from week to week or even day to day.  That could cause difference in the mod unless the mod stays updated for all servers and the mod is updated regularly.

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@Aslain that's spoter's variant with OldSkool's marksInHangar but nevertheless it gets info from spoter's mod.
Spoter's mod never ahd any api call to get probably real numbers - it calibrates as you play and play more and more. The higher MoE % the more accurate data.

So - it's calculates ONLY on client side.

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