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Auto Lock Feature

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There use to be an Auto Lock feature that  was far superior to WOTs garbage of one, that feature is no longer there.  I have disabilities and that was what kept me at least semi-up since aiming is rather difficult for me.  Was it taken out because I no long see it there where it was.

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1 hour ago, Guardian said:

Just curious Quaksen, any idea when it might be fixed time frame wise?  

We have no information, it will be fixed if someone will fix it, currently there is some rumors that someone is working on fixing this mod. I personaly don't know anyone who is working on this mod. The author of this mod is gone since many years.

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3 hours ago, sheeldsy said:

This mod is, in my opinion, a major draw for this modpack. It's certainly one of the reasons that I have contributed several times over the years. I hope that a fix will be actively addressed.

Exactly for someone like me with nerve disability, trying to aim all the time is exhausting and WOTs auto lock is a joke you can't get it to lock on 3/4s of the time.

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