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Game Crash

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Ok I have been fighting this all day long.

When I click on battle the game goes to the screen where I am waiting on the player's to load.As soon as the game goes to the screen to play and where the clock tict's down the game crashes to the desktop. Even though I am not playing,the game thinks I am and not moving and I get a warning from the game for not moving. How can I move when it crashes to the desktop.


Here is what mods I installed>>>>

view range circle while still

12 hour clock

female tank crew

minimalistic stats

Harpoon sight

Ingnore finish stats

UT Annoucer Pack

Kriegstreiber's Gun Sounds

white dead tank 25%


I will delete the Harpoon cross hair because I seen they cause problem and hope this will help.



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Dear Aslain,


Your new incrementing Installer_v.4.3.8_97 crash the game... and i can't play more one minute in battle.

I think you should reconsider because I reloading the Installer_v.4.3.5_97 and I don't have any probleme.


Thank for your job and your magnificent program.


Best regards and have a nice day.

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I have this problem too.

I can't even start a game.


Game Start→Countdown→Start after 5 sec(Yes, 5 Sec.)→Crash→reopen program→reloading→in game→5 sec latter then crash→loop

Even at finsh the game and show that report can be crash too.

and, this happen at Ver.4.3.6(not so frequently)


Any tank&map can let it happen





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I do not have harpoon installed.  My crashes come after the game begins.  They come after a few seconds.  I can login again and move for a few seconds and then, bang, the game crashes again.  I cleared the caches etc. with no changes.  Eventually I reinstalled the entire game and used an earlier version of the mod installer.


First time I've had problems with the installer -- which is rather amazing given how many mods it handles.


Thanks for all the work on it.

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I'm getting crashes with 4.3.9, but not as many as I was before.  I've sort of pinned one type of crash down.  Numerous times now, I have crashed right at the moment my tank is destroyed.  This was happening 3-6 times per night, now it is only happening 0-2 times per night.


I have no idea which mod might be doing this, but I do have 4-5 sounds mods in use, including hit sounds and destroyed object sounds, so maybe the destroyed object sounds is doing it.

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I am still crashing and it is totally demoralising me


I sense it happening when I am aiming at targets in teh distance and locked on to them or when using full zoom 60x


Anyone else seeing a connection?


Is there a list of mods that should not be enabled in order to stop this?

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OK am running the Aslian settings and still getting crashes it seems to happen when locked on a tank at a distance especially if it is moving


Edit - this is definitely causing it and as I said I am using the Aslain's settings is noone else having this problem?

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