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Minimap Enhancments.


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     First post, apologies for any mistakes..


1>Players rating on minimap while pressing alt

2>Players name on minimap while pressing alt


2 simple and essential features really useful... players name all the time makes it congested... these two features really enhances game experience.



thanx and regards once again thank you :)

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Its all in minimapAlt.xc


edit with Notepad++


Go down to this header:


        "format": {


Then in the lines "Ally" and "Enemy" you change {{vehicle}} to {{nick}}



I have never tried to add rating but you could have the name to be 

in the color according to rating.


<font color='{{c:wn8}}'    -gives you rating colour.


{{wn8%4d|----}}    -gives rating in 4 digits. 


Can also be made with coloured "wingding" to ceap it clean.


{ "align": "center", "bold": true, "name": "Wingdings", "size": 13 },



A fair warning. Have not tried adding rating to minimap, and xvm 

has added new options so Aslain has to confirm it works.

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Thank you for so helpful reply :)...Will surely try this ... but after every patch of mod have to reset it... will request to add this one in pack as its logical



atlast God save the queen :P

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