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Mod to return equipment to Depot (Binocs, Camo net, Toolbox)

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Does anyone know of an existing mod that will fetch this equipment from whatever tanks it is installed on and return it to the depot?  I am constantly having to search for each tank, then demount, repeat, etc.....It would sure save me a lot of time searching for the stuff.


Just need to be able to occasionally press a button and have everything returned to depot.

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What I am looking for is simply an option to go out and collect the installed equipment and return it to the depot On-Demand, but NOT automatically.  Here's why;


I typically fight 4 or 5 tanks in a group for an evening.  So I will outfit whatever group I intend to roll, then go have fun.  When I am done with that group, I need to collect all of the equipment so I can outfit the next group.  It is a pain to have to find each tank in the group, then demount once or twice, rinse and repeat x4.


So I am just looking for a simple solution for that scenario.

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In theory the new XVM "Equip Auto Return" should do the trick -- you configure whatever tank you want with the equipment you want, and that configuration is remembered (until you change it). Equipment is pulled off other tanks (if not available in the depot) and put on the current tank to match the saved configuration. At least that's the theory; I have yet to figure out how to get it to work :(

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It works perfectly, the only drawback is when you switch tanks the mod must switch mods too, it takes 0.5sec more to load to another tank...


Other than that it's perfect! No more need for stuff like autotelescope or separate autoequip mods. 

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It works perfectly

Indeed, I do have it working now. Apparently I failed to realize that I need to install it, and that the option in the installer is named the same (or close to it) as the previous mod. As I noted in the Bug Report forum thread:


I seem to have it working now. Perhaps you could rename the option in the installer -- I apparently hadn't installed it because the option looks like the old mod that did more-or-less the same thing, the current installer doesn't say anything about being part of XVM rather than a 3rd-party mod:


And now I can go through all my tanks in the garage and add whatever camo/binoc/repair I want, and there's magically always 1 left in the depot to add to the next tank.

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You can type %AppData%\Wargaming.net\WorldOfTanks\xvm in the Windows 7 start menu

(or any other Windows start menu/Run option, to get in there)


Should be a file in there, named something recognizable.. I don't use it myself, so I cannot tell you the name of the file.

(For Auto-return crew, there's one called, \xvm_crew\auto_prev_crew\ and inside that, is a file for each tank.)

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