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Mod Installer v4.4.9

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- removed Vehicle Exp Extended v2.05 by spoter (causing CTD's)
- removed Autoaim extended v2.08 by spoter (suspected for CTD's)
- note: if you still experience CTD's please remove mods by spoter and see that way if you still crash



Is there any chance you can leave these mods available but mark them as potentially problematic? It has not been an issue for myself or a few of my friends, but some players have been crashing from what I hear for some reason or another. Potential conflicting mods they select through the installer? It's one of our favorites, especially sense the foliage changes in 9.7. If not all good thanks for giving them another shot in the installer. Thanks for all your hard work!

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Me too, but it's just like before with spoter mods, they works for part of people, while causing issues to the rest :)


I can add label with warning, but most of people don't read it at all, and comes to forum posting bugs.

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Yeah, people really don't read what they put in a lot of the times... most errors are user errors when it comes to that :P


Better for you to leave them out, instead of adding a warning label, to avoid having to deal with the bug reports from it.

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