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yasenKrasen stats not working, last two patches..

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the battle stats/wn8 found in the garage havent' been working the last two patches.. I've tried uninstalling, re-installing.. Including the game itself.. even downloading just an updated version of YasenKRasen's.. and overriding it.. I get nothing.. it's just all zeros.. doesn't keep track of anything.. and get no after battle msgs anymore.. any insight would be appreciated.. thanks. 

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I did re-install, both your mod and the game itself... I ended up overwriting it with a different session stat that works, believe it's artisans?  not sure without looking. At any rate I resolved it, but Yasen's just stopped working a few patches ago.. *shrugs* it's all good now. Thanks for your mod work, and time. 

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Type of battle for "ignoreBattleType" section:
1 Random Battles
2 Team Training
3 Tank Company Battles
4 Tournament Battles
5 Clan War Battles
6 Tutorial
7 Team Battles
8 Historical Battles
9 Random Battle Events
10 Stronghold Skirmishes
11 Stronghold Battles
12 Rated Team Battles
13 Clan War 2.0 Battles


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When I decompiled one of stats.pyc not sure from who it was:


        -1: 'defeatsCount',
         0: 'drawsCount',
         1: 'winsCount'} battleCounters = {1: 'battlesCountRandom',
         2: 'battlesCountTraining',
         3: 'battlesCountCompany',
         4: 'battlesCountTournament',
         5: 'battlesCountClan',
         6: 'battlesCountTutorial',
         7: 'battlesCountTeam',
         8: 'battlesCountHistorical',
         9: 'battlesCountEvents',
         10: 'battlesCountStrongholdSkirmish',
         11: 'battlesCountStronghold',
         12: 'battlesCountRatedTeam',
         13: 'battlesCountClan'
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