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an Extra WN8 Color scale?

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Good Morning,





I was wondering what the odds are that the WN8 colors could be changed in order to get rid of the red/tomato color, and replaced with "White".. to me, there should be no difference between a noob, and somebody thats still red, because essentially, they are still a noob as well when its all said and done with.






I know you can go in and adjust the colors yourself, but just think if it was something done globally, then you can get rid of alot of hostility..






Ist: White looks 10 times clearer/cleaner when doing replays, or streaming. seems red gets the blur effect more so then any other color.



2nd: you remove the "rage" factor 10 fold when a battle starts. its a proven fact that red is a color of rage, and when 95% of the population seems to be red, its no wonder people get so damn angry at the beginning of a match.



3rd: you get rid of that damn word tomato... and just get back to the good'ol days of "noob/newb/noobie"



4th: it makes sense that they stay categorized as a new player, because they still haven't figured out the game.






just a though...


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nice points, but one of the main colors in bird crap is commonly white.  I do not think that changing the color of ratings would ever have a totally positive affect.  Jerks are going to be jerks...they will find a way.  Besides I think I would rather people think of me as a tomato because of my red rating than to think of me as Barney the Dinosaur because I of my purple rating.  I love you...you love me....we are happy family.... :lol:

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3 hours ago, theycallmetater said:

Just because a rating is red doesn't necessarily mean they are newbies. For instance, I have been playing for more than a year. I have over 5000 battles, yet I'm still red because honestly I'm just not that great of a player and I have a handicap.


Is your full name Tater Salad?  :D

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Try mine, it is based on WoTLabs but i tweaked the colors.

Wotlabs has comes with dark colors which are unreadable in my opinion. 

Mine comes only with bright colors and the darks have been replaced with in-between colors of the gradient looks a lot better than anything on offered on aslain's pack. 


    // Dynamic color by various statistical parameters.
    "colorRatingNew": {
      "very_bad":            "0xBAAAAD",   // bad  (grey)
      "bad":            "0xf11919",   // bad  (red)
      "below_average":    "0xf55200",   // below average (bright red)
      "average":        "0xff8a00",   // average (orange)
      "above_average":    "0xe6df27",   // above average (yellow)
      "good":            "0x77e812",    // good (green)
      "very_good":        "0x29ffdb",    // very good (green-blue)
      "great":            "0x00c0fa",    // great (blue)
      "unicum":            "0xc64cff",    // unicum (purple)
      "super_unicum":    "0xff4df0"    // super_unicum (pink)


I attached the colors.xc below, simply replace the file in your

>> World_of_Tanks\res_mods\configs\xvm\Aslain





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to be honest  the  game don't need players that go around saying noob because of a  rating , just think when u started to play !!!  to me the stats r  about consistency .


1 battle u cud get 2-3k damage the next 2 u get  0-500  .  just because a players stat is red does not mean he is a bad player , ive seen guys with red  colour and get the best rank of the round 

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hear hear


after all this game is for many just for fun, once ppl start looking into ratings its no longer that much about simple fun.


It would be nice if XVM could show recent rating, like 7 day or 30day instead of only the overall.

I had my days of being terrible too, only recently i got my wn8 over 1400, but im on 20k battles and upping overall wn8 is a long process.

My recent is alot better now :) 

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