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Still Having issues with WoWS Aslain Mod

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In capture 55 you could see what I'm playing with when I get baddle.

Now I have tried All of the Capture 66.PNG Crosshairs and still I come up with this during battle.Capture 55.PNG What is the deal with this?


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Ok this what the thread told me to doCapture 88.PNG So I tried it and when I got to it this is what I sawCapture 00.PNGSo tell me how do I do the Reset the game setting and clean up the cache when It's not on there to do "Einstein".

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- attach file _Aslain_logs.zip (located directly in WoWs folder)
- play a battle without mods (launch the game in safe mode) and check if you still have the issue

How do I do that when I do not see this 

_Aslain_logs.zip. in my WoWS folders . Capture 22.PNG

Capture 33.PNG

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Just now, Sniper said:

then what


29 minutes ago, Dunas Movies said:

last time I tries a cross-hair mod in the notes in the installer it gave extra information

Go To the sight selection of the game control panel & Select No 3 Sights as it replaced the in game sight Number 3  

You have already been told "then what", did you try it?


Look at all the "Type" options in the ingame crosshair settings. One of them is the one you selected in the installer.

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