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13 minutes ago, poppavein said:

I asked and he refused. I don't know why he is so butthurt, but as long as you attribute a mod to the creator then there shouldn't be a problem. 


Oh well. 

Yeah. He's kinda butthurt about it, because Aslain added the enhanced camouflage to the modpack, without asking. Fair enough. But this is overreacting really.

(He even made a blog post complaining about it... but removed it again when Aslain withdrew the mod from the pack..)

Oh well. It's fairly easy to add a mod using the "Aslains_Custom_mods" folder :)

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I don't think he would agree to add it to any modpack. I smell he is that kind of guy like the old carousel mod makers, two clowns who are fighting "adly".


I can always add his mod without asking for anything really, he cannot do anything to me and force me to remove it, but I don't feels like doing this, his mods are not worth it.

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