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9.15 ping with mods is higher

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I think no tweaks are required. Problem must be in modspack.

In 9.14 also with mods installed was PING excellent, 20-30.

After clean update to 9.15 is PING 20-30.

AFTER mods installed, PING jump to 130-140.

Than can not be problem with PC. PC is powerful enough.

This PING change i note on both PC: on powerful machine and also on old nongaming crap (from 20 to 130).

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On 5/26/2016 at 9:02 PM, deloir said:

Why is ping with mods installed higher (ca 130), but clean res mods without mods was ping ca 20-30? I try also QB mods and same result, ping jump to 130-140.


Try to disable XMQP in XVM profile page.

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after 9.15 i have same ping problems it caused from modpack for sure cause i test it... uninstalling modpack i have 60 ms pink after install modpack i have 100 - 120 ms... when spoted enemys game almost freeze for 2-3 sec and pink go up to 500 ms that makes game unplayble... test again and again and i found that some mods and some XVM settings are really suspicious  {XVM settings XMQP-MUST DISABLE+ANY XMQP inside modpack must disable too 100% positive ping+ custom damage indicator {version 1 } 100% positive ping +3-4 mods more but im not 100% sure about them {OTM ZJ -- minimap tankview extendend} etc for a small + % of ping too

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On 6/1/2016 at 8:58 AM, Chomik_Niszczyciel said:

Blind shot but guys by any chance u have marked "check for Aslain mod pack update"? Try without it. Few months back that option was causing problems. Dunno if it helps but worth a try also disable XMQP and contacts comments and groups on xvm site in setings

I did both and no fix, to be fair I am not sure if its really an accurate ping number. It doesn't act like its playing at that high of a ping...? Just me?

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1 hour ago, skull helmet said:

So here is what you need I hope like I said the ping was fine until I installed mod pack...



Yeah, problem is still visible as by start this topic, but: mod ping meter show 27ms, also in battle.

Pingplotter  (set: login.p1.worldoftanks.eu or login.p2.worldoftanks.eu - valid for EU players)  show also 26-30ms, but WG pingmeter, after mods intalled, show ca 3x higher values (100-300ms).

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I see the same exact behavior.  The ping before I connect is extremely high, but the actual ping in battle is about 10% of what was reported first.  Maybe we have installed the "Freak the players out with false high ping numbers" mod by accident.

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