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Such goes against Chapter 4, paragraph 3.19 of the WoT RU User Agreement: “Promote and demonstrate the Game Nazi, extremist or other equivalents paraphernalia or symbols.”


EU 2.24. Any attempt to create nicknames, groups, or organized communities of players associated in any fashion with organizations which violate any applicable laws or regulations is prohibited. This includes but not limited to, direct or indirect references to Nazi symbols, abbreviations and well known leaders.


For example.


Someone isn't going to post such a mod publically. They'd get banned. :)

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You could easily do it yourself. 


Goto C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res\packages.


Open gui.pkg with rar or 7-zip. navigate to: \gui\maps\vehicles\decals\


Drag germany_bundecross.dds and germany_cross.dds to desktop.


Change them to swastikas in photoshop, save, drag back into rar/7-zip. 


As Quaksen said, people are still easily offended by nazi swastikas.


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Addition to Grandorf's post:

Place the edited files in the res_mods folder, in the path you took them from in the package file.

(For example: res_mods/0.9.15/gui/maps/vehicles/decals/ ) :)


Edit: Who's this "Qucksen" person? :P:P

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