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Deleting my topics

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Yesterday I posted it issue about the Ship Contour icons in the new WoWS mods.

Telling y'all that it was not working for me in battle play and someone replied to me

but the suggestion that he gave me did not work. So I logon today to see that my post

has been deleted. Why is it that people think that the person that are posting issue about

WoWS mods is Einstein when it come to understanding the mods issue .

When I clearly post issues that I'm having and even give the tech photos to see the issue 

that i'm having to find out that that this morning when I login to see if any technician have

responded to my reply . Well I guess the best reply was to delete the issue.

Also I guess that the technician that make the mods up think that everyone owns a PC are Einstein

and they think that everyone know how they work. But that is not andthe case somehow they don't take

that in consideration and I guess the best way they can fix the issue is to delete the post.

Sometime I get an issue figured out very quickly .But there's sometimes there issue that takes me awhile

and I need somebody to spell it out to me. then a little light click on and I get it . But to logon to find out that

your post has been deleted for everyone to see the issue that I'm having to respond to to give me some help

they can't do now because someone DELETED IT. 


And that really pisses me off.

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