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Aslain's WoT ModPack v9.17.0.1 #26 = engine sound is gone

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i get this too after a random crash....even after another alt+F4 close the wot does not bring back the engine sound. But i can hear the other allies engine sound when i am speculator.


Have been using Aslain mod for a long time, but lately always get random crashes since 9.16......


just clean install again without any sound mod, after this bug....

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ive not been having issues with  engine sound until today ,  I got  game freeze at start of battle , only way  out was to restart pc ,   then next battle engine sounds had gone , but the next battle the sounds were back

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for me it seems all engine sounds are gone during the timer countdown.  then after the game starts i can hear engine sounds, but something sounds "off" about them... like i'm only hearing some or partial sounds.  it's hard to explain.  for a while i thought perhaps i was going crazy.  

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