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I was wondering if there was a way to get pmods penetration indicator to work with battle assistant. this could be very useful as many players (such as myself) are wholly unfamiliar with armor thickness of of turret tops and engine decks etc..


Also is there any mod that can tell you about spaced armor as well, The vanilla color indicator and pmod both show only the spaced armor or the tracks when it would be great to see thickness of both.


Thank you.


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3 hours ago, central said:

I really like the pen indicator I'm using now very clean, just pen/armor. I'm not actually sure it's mood I wold have to check in installer.

Just wanted to know if there was anything compatible with battle assistant.

Thank you


In the modpack you have two options, one penetration indicator from PMOD and another one from B.Observer. I just checked and PMOD one works with BO, but you have to uncheck it from BO and leave PMOD's one selected.

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3 minutes ago, central said:

I checked  installer. Im pretty sure I only have pmod selected i couldnt even find a bo pen indicator im assuming when you wrote BO in last post you meant BA.

Im referring to BA for SPG.

He meant BO, as in Battle Observer, since that mod has a pen indicator, just like PMOD does.


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Just now, central said:

He wrote BO twice in the post i meant the first time "one works with BO".

Ah yeah.


He most likely means PMOD pen indicator works with Battle Assistant.


But if you have Battle Observers pen indicator selected, while also having PMOD pen indicator selected, the PMOD one is unselected automatically. I think, not sure on that part. :)

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