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Player Panels (explanation wanted)

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I did look at the previews but still I feel confused about something. 


There are 3 options - Panels by XVM, Panels by Aslain and Player Panels.


Now I have worked out that Panels by Aslain actually isn't all panels but just Under-the-Tab panel.


I don't know what Panels by XVM are. Are they all panels or just under tab panel or something else?


Under the Player Panels there are Large, Medium and Start Mode. I'm guessing the Large is the last one when you do Ctrl-Tab? And the Medium Panels... is that the 3rd and the 4th? And why does it say "default"?


Also what is Start Mode? I'm guessing it over-rides the default start of the what-was-selected-before mode and starts with what is selected here?


Am I the only one who is confused about it?

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Panels by XVM means it's their setup you can choose

Panels by Aslain means it's his setup you can choose


And the sub-section adjusts both of them and what they display :)


Medium is the default panel showed by WoT, without changing anything, fairly sure on that one.


And the various sizes is indeed if you switch them with ctrl+tab, or ctrl+clicking the tabs in the side.


Start mode is what it is shown before the battle starts, I think. (During the 30 second countdown) after which it switches to the other selection.


(Mine switches from the Large, most informative one, to a Medium one) :)

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2 hours ago, GeneralKaboom said:

This is exacly how I want my panel to look like, both when its loading but most of all, IN THE MATCH. 


What settings do I use for that?   


Image @  tommyledberg.se/wot.png

Something like this except for that you will also get battles played



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