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Different language is affecting game play

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Aslain, first off; Thank you for the fantastic mod pack. I have been enjoying it for a long time now. It has many elements I love. This also my first time running into an issue in the year of two I have been using it. My issue is a weird one. I have Crosshair: Harpoon mod regular as my main reticle. I originally had J1mB0s v.1 install but that gave me this issue so I tried harpoon. In the preview, I see English text, but in game, I see another language with another loading time. This loading time is not the loading time of the tank but the tank will take this loading time. It is always longer than the WOT loading times. The number on the upper left, "10.38c" is the load time this tank loads by. The actual loading time is 8.53 seconds. I am unsure how to solve this issue.



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As a sidenote, you may wanna take a look at this, since I see the tier marks overlapping your contour icons :) :



As for the Russian text in crosshairs, it's something that everyone has to live with, for the time being.. :(

Don't know about the errors in reload time though.

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On 28.2.2017. at 3:16 PM, Bromvogel said:

Oh . I just got the word converted and now I also read the word GOTOV as "ready".

Should have known - feel rather silly now bringing it here. Please forgive.  

Thanks and Regards again


Which file have you converted?

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On 2/28/2017 at 6:24 AM, Aslain said:

I will include english version when it's available. For now live with russian or don't use it if you don't like ;)

that sounds good. No problem there. Some of these changed loading times are ridiculous. The t71's in-game loading time is around 16 or 17 seconds but with the mod it's 39 or 40 seconds. Is there any way to fix this?


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14 hours ago, irtional said:

I am getting the same Russian text. It was working fine in earlier mods for 9.18.x

Started  about 3 updates ago. Any way to change this?


Check mods. Modpack will not change language just like that, it happens only if you select certain mods - that are also tagged with warning. Include logs, you didn't do it.

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