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Radial Menu - Location - v9.17.1 #14

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So I checked the box to install the radial menu mod in the latest update ( v9.17.1 #14) and I went on to try to find the files for it so that I could replace it with my own, custom radial menu setup. I just cannot find the files now. They used to be in the folder "res_mods \ version \ scripts \ client \ gui \ Scaleform \" but that folder doesn't exist.


So my question is: Where is it? Did Aslain change the location?



Edit: Never mind, I saw now that Radial Menu Mod was removed again further down..

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I wanted to start a new topic on this radial menu, but saw this post. Hope it is oke to ask the questions here.


How does this mod work. I mean I go in-game and try to typ something... Al kind of lemmingtrains stuff pass by. Everything I typ, doesn't matter, is not showing. With this mod I can't typ anymore.... See image below. Also added bug files (python en logs), may be interfering with other mods?


So How does this one go?




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3 hours ago, 31B442SV5 said:

Where is the file to change the messages?  I cannot find it.    I found it, but now the question is how do I keep the file from changing each time I update the mod pack?

Look into the "\World of Tanks\Aslains_Custom_mods" folder :)

Packing a zip file with the proper structure to the location, starting with mods or res_mods depending on where it's saved.. 

And it'll be installed as the last step, overwriting what's there.

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