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Mini fonts for everything in game.

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Thanks for taking time for me aslain I will include screenshots as soon a s I get my hands on the computer again.

I figured out this much myself. Its a new computer with 1920 X1080 FHD I can see that windows now defaults display at 125% I find that web pages are not exactly same size as 1366 X 768 at 100% size, with the latter resolution and size producing A sharper better result(fonts become just  a miniscule bit fuzzy at 125% FHD).

All this being said, the first time I ran client (I had not downloaded your installer) it seemed to be running normally at right sizes for game. however a couple of minutes later everything ran really really small(except the actual game which was fine but the tank names chat minimap etc etc were all very small) even the launcher window was tiny(I know that can be fixed in launcher settings) Nothing I could find in windows settings would change this at all if I changed resolution to 1366 x 768 everything is NEARLY correct size but not nearly as good as my old 13666x768 screen the ratios of all objects just don't appear perfectly.

I will include screenshots as soon as I can.

I was wondering if there was a way to have 1080 resolution still use a default 100% size.

either what could have changed in those few minutes that I cant poosibly find a way to change back...

Thank you for your time.


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The screenshots look just fine to me.


Using 1366x768 on a 1920x1080 monitor won't produce a good result. You'll be stretching the pixels to match the monitors native resolution. Often causing things to be blurry/fuzzy.


Even if the monitors aren't the same physical size (inches), then 1080p will always look "smaller", since it's displaying more on screen, than the old resolution.

(1049088 pixels vs 2073600 pixels.. just shy of double the amount)

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I'm not so sure about that while you cant tell well freom the screenshots the in game chat is practically not readable and everything else is just too small I think you might agree instantly if you saw actual screen and not screenshot. I'm thinking of how to show you that.


Can I ask you to stretch screenshot across your screnn and see how it looks I'm hoping youll see I'm not being silly here. Is the launcher supposed to be that small on startup? it can hardly be the links are unreadable.


I just set explorer to 100% instead of 125% and that's about what I'm seeming when using wot. Its way too small.

Also I am 100% sure Launcher started normal size and only something I did later changed it.

How can that be?

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I'm not sure stretching the image to fill my screen will help me understand your issue, since it'll just make the text larger (my native resolution is 2560x1440, and things are smaller on this, compared to a 1920x1080) - so I think that's what your experiencing.. but not sure.


Hm - maybe taking a picture, if you have a camera in your phone. Otherwise I'm not sure.


The text on the launcher / client, seems comparable to the text size on your Windows clock - is the clock's text too small as well?

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Looks like the whole taskbar is small as well though I can live with it no problem.

What bothers me the most here is that im sure it was fine the first time I started client before I ran mudpack but how could mudpack effect my whole machine like that. though I admit I'm not 100% sure windows wasn't like this all along I might not have paid attention but wot was fine.

 2560x1440 is that regularly priced LCD screen or something special?

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I have another idea when I run it minimized in window its exactly same size as full window but ratio of screnn is much different now of course only one can be right other will be way too large(in window) or way to small (in fullscreen) I will post 2 screenshots fro you to compare.



look closely windowed version does indeed seem too large but look how small tank statistics(firepower etc..) are in full screen. Please don't tell me everyone else using 1080 considers that normal.

Now you can easily check your own client to see if i'm just an old fogie or there's a real problem. Do the tank stats take up such a small ratio of your screen. Please tell me No.

the actual game resolution is fine I think but something is stopping all the fonts from scaling up appropriately if I were to run battle only mode(or however its properly called) by pressing V hotkey it would be perfect 1080 I think.

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Once were at it. Ill take the liberty of a few basic questions. when you run your 1440 resolution is the default setting 150% or something like that or does 100% scale up automatically?

also for the first time I'm actually using a dedicated card albeit a 940m. I see that 1080 takes a lot more GPU than 768 do you think I should be running low graphics. I found difference between low and min graphics effects game performance and experience noticeably but difference between low and high seems mostly eye candy. Is this true?

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In the "Display settings", it says 100% is "Recommended", and I'm fairly sure that I never changed it.. so it's probably been 100% since the start.


I don't know the 940m, so not sure what settings you should play at - you can try and see what you get with the different settings :)


Higher settings is usually eye candy, and it shouldn't matter too much gameplay wise, if you're on the lowest, or highest.


But yeah, 1080 takes about twice as much to display, compared to 768, if you look at my previous post with the "pixel count" :)

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Thanks. I just comfirmed with Microsoft the default should be at 100% not 125% this is the cause of all the problems they didn't have better answer than reinstalling windows which is what I'm doing.

i'm happy to hear I wasn't imagining it.




Thank you both for your time and knowledge.

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I didn't realize if I get a 1920 x 1080 resolution I must get a much better card for same performance I thought I could get away with intel hd and the 940m was extra credit now I see ill be struggling to get good reliable fps even at low settings, while intel hd at 768 was very capable. I shoudlve asked you first. lesson learned ;)

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I learned the same lesson, I didn't think too much of it at the time, but with more demanding games coming out, I see the problem :)


Monitors generally prefer their native resolution - though sometimes it can work with using a resolution below it's native - but it'll end up blurry in many cases, due to the smaller resolution, being stretched over the monitors native - long story, if continued, hehe. But it probably makes sense.

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But it didn't make sense after all I was 100% sure launcher was correct size the first time I downloaded.

So I tried downloading again and behold launcher is correct size even though everything else is off.

So it looks like it is scaling until I install modpack but why why why... :(

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the difference is that now when I change windows display settings WOT changes along with it so wot also displays at 125%. while earlier WOT did not change along with windows perhaps because of modpack well see when I install it again now.

Either way 125% is just wrong it makes your eyes hurt this is one computer I wish I had passed over.

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It's weird that the size was correct the first time around - and then suddenly changed.


I don't think the modpack does anything that would change it, but why else it changes, who knows... gremlins sometimes :(


Not sure what else to say in the thread - I remember when I got a different resolution monitor, it took some time to get used to the difference, especially smaller fonts, but your issue sounds like something else. Hopefully some other technical genius drops by the thread, with an idea :)

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Turns out I can toggle Display scaling for each individual program in "properties". Pretty simple. Not sure why this setting changes on its own but its not hard to fix.

Still not happy running at 125% but that's the automatic default for a 15.6 inch screen at 1920x1080., or else everything is just tiny.

So I went ahead and enabled display scaling and sure enough launcher window opens to normal size albeit blurry text...

But boom as soon as program runs it automatically disables scaling on its own. The next time you open launcher Its a tiny window because scaling has already been disabled. This I'm afraid is somehow triggered by the modpack as it doesn't happen before that.

But there's a simple test, enable scaling start wot in safe mode, if its the modpack it wont disable scaling on its own...

Hmmm.... When I do that launcher starts normal size(125% scaling) but program reverts to tiny(100%) and yet display scaling remains set at enabled in program properties, so much for my quick fix this is getting weird.

I tried them both twice each with mods enabled program properties settings are changed automatically when you start program. In safe mode they are not but program still doesn't scale....

Coupled with the fact that this didn't happen in any of the tens of times I opened application before installing modpack... 

I hope this has some explanation.


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Yikes, I get why the font is tiny then, if it's 1080p on a 15.6 inch monitor.


As for the scaling thing - did you just mess with the properties of the launcher, or also "worldoftanks.exe"?


What happens if you set it on "worldoftanks.exe", and start the game directly, instead of using the launcher?

Or set it on both, and start with the launcher

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Just now, central said:

Sorry for explaining myself better before. of course the pictures looked normal to you I didn't tell you it was only a 15.6 inch.

No worries -  but yeah, that would explain why it looks fine to me, but different to you.


Hopefully what I mentioned in previous post helps a bit.

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Thank you, Why didn't I realize that myself...

Yes changing WOT.EXE. did help... But only for the original loading screen(the one with the awards on bottom) as soon as sign in screen loaded it reverted to disabled scaling...

The next time  I open it the settings have been changed on their own and loading screen doesn't scale either.

But if I set both WOT(launcher) And wot.exe. to enabled scaling and run in safe mode, It does scale!.  So modpack guilty after all.


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