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Aslain mod issue

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Okay for now I have deleted my  WoWS and reinstalling it to get rid of Aslain Mods. Because now I know that there is one mod in Aslain mods in the group

that's causing the issue So until it gets fix .Well it looks like I can't use Aslain mods. However it was sure nice to have them I do hope that Aslain can fix the issue.

You would think that Aslain would make the " provide my logs using special logs archiver app." more user friendly. 

You have to help me so I can help you and I both.

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Yepper that is the issue that I've been having that or the Custom Battle loading Screen it's one of the two for me. I tried to take it off 

but kept getting the same message so I had to uninstall and reinstall WoWs twice now.

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