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DL link not working

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33 minutes ago, Aslain said:

Try direct link, and consider to support me via paypal or patreon if you like of course.

Does supporting you include ad free DL's? (j/k) ;) I love your mod pack but, Webroot Secure Anywhere doesn't like it much. Every time I run a scan it shows files in the mod pack as malware rootkits. Malware Bytes doesn't find the same thing. Neither does Avast. Keep up the good works! I'll send more money later! :D 

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1 minute ago, nevaehruo_1 said:

After the 5 second I hit skip ad and nothing it goes to the ad.

When you click "Skip ad" it shouldn't actually open some ad. It should download. Try closing whatever ad opens, and click Skip ad again, or hit return and try it again.

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What I can tell is that my browsers Opera (main) and chrome. They both say after clicking the adfly skip ad button. That pop up window is blocked and then there is no aslain exe dowloading option and after few sec another window opens where are the ad like before when everything worked.


But for me the direct links work just fine.


I run AVG internet security as virus/firewall.


Just cant figure how to let them browsers to allow the popup to be opened. Might be that then the adfly links could work.


Edit. Just tried in opera. I added a adfly address in white list for the popup windows and after that I could dl directly form the adfy. The same works for the Chrome too. Just that its bit hidden in the sub menu sections.


Hope this will help you to get the mod pack.

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