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In CW battle only loading screen and no HUD.

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Starting a CW battle, i only get the loading screen and HUD is not working.

When i turn of HUD, i can see de tank and battlefield, but nothing else.

In normal battles all works fine.


Anyone else have the same problem?


Log-files wil be uploaded later today.

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If your CW gets   stuck this way , the reason is most likely the Battle Observer Mod, try to remove it and  check for instance replay of game if you have replays stored. I have asked this thing from mod developer in xvm forum, but havent got any answer yet. In my clan 3 players had this same problem, one cw was spoiled by this totally, yesterday I played  cw without  BO mod and no problems, also replays work without that mod.-




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2 hours ago, CrazyG78 said:

I did not try it, because i found out that the same option (3D-arty view) is now added by WG to WOT.

So i don't need Battle Observer.

You're thinking of "Battle Assistant" - which is the arty view. (That WG added, something similar)

"Battle Observer" is something ENTIRELY different :)

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