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No Female UT Announcer any more ?


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It was kind of mentioned in:


v9.20.1 #02 (19-10-2017) changelog:

- removed incompatible mods: AutoAim Indication+, most of crew voice sounds, all reload sounds, UT Announcer


Then was brought back as current male version:


v9.20.1 #03 (20-10-2017):

- added UT announcer by budyx69



Yeah I moved it here, because it's more like request than a bug.

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I miss the old female announcer. She use to scream and moan like she was having an orgasm while getting a kill streak going! Four or five kills, and she sounded pretty hot, lol. I had 10 kills once with her and she went bat sh*t crazy! Combine her with Duke Nukem, and it's the best game ever! 

Whomever made the female announcer, please bring her back for us!

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