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Hi there,


First off - big thank you to Aslain for making the best (in my opinion), Modpack for WoT available. I've been using it for about 2 years and it's quite rare I encounter a bug that affects gameplay significantly enough to require a resmod folder deletion.


I am also running into issues with the crosshair packs. I've been using destroyer blue for some time with the fancy blue server crosshair, but  now it seems as if the whole crosshair itself has become the server crosshair and it jerks around quite a bit. Is there a quick fix for this? I haven't tried disabling server crosshairs via the menu (to see if it breaks the connection between crosshair and its new functionality), but I'm about to do exactly this.


Other than that is there a solution out there that I am missing?


Best regards



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I tried unchecking everything I can but the mod crosshairs appear to be reverting back to the in game ones. The mod crosshairs appear for a second at the start of the battle. And as soon as the counter starts counting down, the game reverts to the in game reticles. I want to think that all this started when they brought in the Halloween in game.



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